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Welcome to the Ethical Blogging Blog Startup Guides.

This page is especially crafted with care for those aspirant bloggers who want to develop and run their own blog(s).

Make a Successful Blog in just 6 Steps

Step #1: Plan Your Blog Properly

Making a Proper Business Plan is a Must to become a Successful Blogger. Don’t worry. We have written an Advanced Blog Business Planning Guide to help you.

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Step #2: Select a Suitable Niche

Niche serves as a “Broad Topic” for your blog. Example niches are “Content Marketing”, “Lifestyle”, “Event Blogging”, etc. Right niche selection is crucial for success with blogging.

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Step #3: Brainstorm a Great Domain Name

Domain is the web name for your blog. For example, “” is a domain name. Be serious about choosing the best domain name for your blog.

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Step #4: Get a Reliable Hosting

Hosting is the web space where your blog will be live for years. So get the most reliable hosting service you can afford. Never compromise with your web hosting quality.

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Step #5: Let’s Make Your Blog Live

Once you have completed each of the 4 steps given above, it your time to install WordPress and make your blog live. It will not take you more than 15 minutes to setup.

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Step #6: Make Money from Your Blog

Once your blog is live, it is your time to make some money from it. We have compiled best ways to earn money from your blog. Check them out below.

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Start with Savings

The upfront cost of starting a profitable blog can be huge.

But we all want to see your successful with your blog.

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