The Ultimate Guide to Find the Best Niche for Blogging (Updated for 2017 & Beyond)

Finding the best niche for starting a new blog is the most essential and important task for the newbie (or a little experienced) bloggers. In this Ultimate Guide for Finding the Best Niche for Blogging, I will try my level best to cover all the important aspects of doing so while keeping things short and sweet.

To get most out of this post, I strongly recommend you to take notes on every step as we proceed throughout the various steps.

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So let’s get started.

What Is A Niche?


To getting things started, you need to acquire a very clear idea about the basics of a niche.

One thing separates Blogging Topics from Blogging Niches.

And that is Commercial Intent.

For example, a hobby blogger generally writes about a Topic on his/her blog.

He/she does not expect money or any kind of monetary rewards from his/her blog.


So he/she writes on a topic which has some commercial values in the marketplace.

Consider this as:

Topic + Commercial Intention = Niche (for Blogging) 


Niche – Commercial Intention = Topic (for Blogging)

Since this blog is most about the Professional Blogging, I will be discussing here about “Niche Blogging” only.

We can broadly categorize “Niches” in to three major types as:


Extremely Narrowed-Down Niches are known as Micro-Niches.

For example, if your main niche is “E-Mail Marketing“, your Micro-Niche can be “AWeber (a Leading E-Mail Marketing Service) Tutorials”.

Hope you got my point.

CydiaGuide (by Harsh Agarwal) is a great example of a Micro-Niche Blog.

Micro-Niche blogs are great for generating a decent income for the owner with CTR-based Programs like Google AdSense.



Fully Broad-Up Niches are known as Macro-Niches.

For example, if you are planning to write about everything on a general topic, then you might be running a Macro-Niche Blog.

If your main niche is “Health and Well-being”, your macro-niche might include articles on everything starting from physical fitness to yoga covering weight-loss and dieting tips and lots more.

WebMD is a great example of Macro-Niche Blog.

Macro-Niche blogs are best for generating decent income from Advertisements, Selling of Products and Services by establishing authority on a niche.



As the name indicates, this kind of blogs include various niches (and sub-niches) within a single blog.

For example, if you are writing about Adobe Photoshop, CorelDraw, Autodesk AutoCAD etc, digital designing software on a single blog, you may consider yours as a Multi-Niche Blog.

LifeHack is a great example of a Multi-Niche Blog.

Macro-Niche blogs are best for generating a handsome income from Advertisements and Affiliate Marketing by establishing mastery on multiple niches.


Things to Consider for Finding the Best Niche:

Niche Selection Checklist

There are several things to be taken into account to find the best niche for blogging.

We will find the best niche for blogging by completing each and every steps given in the two phases.

Phase – I (Internal Research Phase)

Here we will conduct the internal research for choosing the best topic for our blog.

The following list may help.

1. Passion:

This is a must for success in this industry.

No matter, how profitable your niche or, micro-niche is, if you are not so passionate about what you are going to write about, I am sorry to say you my friend, that professional blogging is not for you.

Because it takes hours of consistent and disciplined works even for drafting a general blog post.

Only your genuine passion for the topic will give you the required fuel to keep your blog shining.

You have to find your areas of passion.

Here is a Step-by-Step Guideline on how to do this:

Step-1: List down your interests on a paper.

Step-2: Check the list for any missed interests.

Step-3: Re-arrange them in a Descending Order (keeping best on top).

And now your passion is documented and it is time to proceed to the next step.

2. Expertise:

Expertise is second most important thing here.



Remember the basics of ethical blogging.

It is all about contributing our best towards the greater good of the society.

However, if you don’t know (or master) a topic, you can not share your knowledge on that topic with your blog audience.

And this will be a failure.

So you must have to find your own area of expertise so that you can start your own blog within your area of expertise.

Here is a Step-by-Step Guideline on how to do this:

Step-1: Conduct a (deep) SWOT Analysis on your List of Interest (you have just made in previous step) and record the result.

Step-2: Re-arrange the List Items in a Descending Order (keeping best on top).

3. Endless Content Supply Chain:

When you are pretty sure about your passion and expertise, this is your time to ensure the “Endless Content Supply Chain” for your blog.


Here is a Step-by-Step Guideline on how to do this:

Step-1: Write down the headlines of at least 20-25 posts of each item on your List of Expertise.

Step-2: Re-arrange the Items on your List of Expertise in a Descending Order based on difficulty level (putting most easy to produce contents topic on the top).

Here we have completed the Phase – I (Internal Research Phase) of finding the best niche for blogging.

We are half-done now.

It is time to proceed towards the next phase now.

Phase – II (External Research Phase)

Here we will conduct the external research for choosing the best topic for our blog.

In this phase, we will conduct a deep Profitability Calculation.

This list will guide.

1. Find the Affiliate Marketing Opportunity:

Affiliate Marketing is the single most thing that helps many Professional Bloggers and Content Marketers to earn a full-time living out of their blogs and content marketing efforts.

I think affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money online for the active bloggers like you and me.

All we need to find the affiliate marketing opportunity with our selected blogging niche.

Here is a Step-by-Step Guideline on how to do this:

Step-1: Go to multiple Affiliate Market places like ClicBaknk, Commission Junction, Share-A-Sale, Amazon Associates, etc. and try to find out the products best on top niches documented on your Endless Content Supply Chain List one by one along with their individual selling potential.

Step-2: Find the Individual Affiliate Programs by Google and Bing Search in a similar way as mentioned in the previous step.

Step-3: Make a list of at least 10 products and affiliate programs that match best with your Phase-I Research Data.

2. Check the Money Making Potential:

Here, we will check the money making potential of each and every niche that we have written down in Phase-I.

This will be helpful for us to know that we’re moving in right direction.

Here is a Step-by-Step Guideline on how to do this:

Step-1: Google out your competitors and check how they are making money.

Step-2: Try to learn from various data that exactly how much they are earning.

Step-3: Once you are satisfied by their earnings, just find how they are earning that much.

Step-4: Plan to duplicate their income strategies in your way.

3. Own Products and Services:

This one is the final step.

Here you have to think about your own products and services.

It may not be today.

But may be someday.

You will launch your own products and services for your clients.

So it is crucial to choose such a niche for blogging that can help you to launch your own products and service campaigns.

Here is a Step-by-Step Guideline on how to do this:

Step-1: Think deeply if you will be able to produce products and give services to your clients depending on your niche for bogging you are about to choose, or not.

Step-2: Perform this analysis for each and every item present in your Endless content Supply Chain List.

Step-3: Write down the results obtained from the two steps given above.

Wrapping Things Up:

Wrapping Things Up

Here is a quick (and actionable) summary of this post.

  1. Prepare a List of Topics of Your Passion.
  2. Narrow down this list in accordance with your expertise.
  3. Sort out list in accordance with your  Endless Content Supply Chain.
  4. Filter this list in accordance with Affiliate Marketing Opportunities.
  5. Refine this list in accordance with Money Making Potential.
  6. Finalize this list in accordance with your own Products and Services Scopes.



I have put my best in this post to help you to find the best niche for blogging.

If follow this guide step-by-step, there will not be any reason for selecting the wrong niche for blogging.

However, you must not be a lazy person to get success with blogging.

So start taking action today.

Please share this post with your beloved ones.

If you have any questions or doubt for finding the best niche for blogging, please let me know by leaving a quick comment below.

See you in the next post.

Subhabrata Kasyapi

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