Earn from Your Blog (Easily): 2017 Version

If you are a serious blogger, you can earn from your blog. Period.

However, earning a decent income from your blog requires a few smart movements from your end.

This post is going to be the first one on this blog under the category “Make Money Online“.

In this post, I will show you the easy, yet effective ways to earn from your blog.

Let’s come straight to the point.

Prerequisites to Earn from Your Blog:

Earn from your Blog 1

If you really want to earn from your blog, you must prepare yourself (as well as your blog) for success, first.

For this, you have to convince yourself to do some Smart Investments for Blogging.


If you are just about to starting your blogging journey on WordPress, I would like to strongly recommend you to invest on a Reliable Hosting, and a Premium Theme, at least.

Apart from these, there are some optional but strongly recommended things that you should invest on.

I will cover that topic somewhere else.

Another most important thing is your rock-solid Plan for Blogging Success.

I have covered the most popular ways to earn from your blog here in this post.

And remember, these ways to generate revenue from your blog are fire-tested in the competitive era of 2017.

  • Google AdSense:

Earn from your Blog 2

If you are not completely new in the blogging zone, you have probably already heard about Google AdSense.

There are several opinions among the bloggers about Google AdSense and its advantages and disadvantages.

But I think it can be a good option for you to earn first few hundred dollars from your blog.

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In this case, you will be responsible for displaying Ads by Google on your blog.

And you will be get paid from Google for every valid click.

You need not sell or, promote anything manually.

You just have to take care of organic traffic come to your blog.

From my personal experience, I can say that, when you see the first few dollars on your Google AdSense Dashboard, you will get more motivated towards blogging.

Staying motivated is of utmost important for huge success in your blogging career.

But here is a catch:

Instead, rely on your own High-Quality Contents.

  • Affiliate Marketing:

Earn from your Blog 3

Affiliate Marketing is the backbone for many top bloggers to earn a 6-figure or more income just from their blogs.

In this case, you need to be very smart and active over the internet as well as your social sites.

Although, the main concept of this method is simple enough, but doing it properly requires a Marketing Skill.

The good news is, anyone with an interest in learning new things and intended to work smart, can master the skill of affiliated marketing.

Let me brief the main concept of the affiliated marketing here.

Think about your Local Retail Stores.

They are selling products of various brands under a certain category.

For example, Local Electronics Stores.

You can find various kinds of electronics goods of different brands there.

But if you closely notice, you will easily find that none of those shops are selling products of their own.

Instead, they are generating revenues by selling products on behalf of different brands.

The same thing occurs in the case of affiliated marketing.

All you need is to promote and sell 3rd party products and services to generate revenues in terms of commissions.

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  • Selling Advertising Space:

Earn from your Blog 4

If done correctly, this one can be huge for generating a handsome recurring income from your blog.

If you have a decent number of active monthly visitors on your blog, chances are high, you will get proposals from other business owners to display their products and services advertisements on your blog.

You will get a handsome recurring revenue just for displaying their ads on the blank spaces of your blog.

Not a bad idea.


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  • Earn from your Blog 5

In this case, you have to publish a Sponsored Post or, a Product Review on your blog sponsored by a 3rd Party.

The idea is almost same as the previous.

But it is a bit better.

Because you can generate a guaranteed income just for writing a single post.

But always be honest and truthful to your readers while writing such a Sponsored Post or a Product Review.

Write from your personal experience only.

Do not try to suppress the negative sides of the product or, service your are writing a review for.

  • Offering Services:

    Earn from your Blog 6

If you are a technical guy or, can do anything special of demand, giving services through your blog can be a real goldmine for generating huge income from your blog.

For example, if you are good at doing SEO, you can give SEO Services to your clients.

You can build and grow a solid business by giving this kind of services to other business owners.

I have also settled up Blogging Consultancy Services as one of my major businesses.

Although, I am giving some of my services for free, it is, however, completely depends on you if you would like to take fees for your services or, not.

  • Selling Your Own Products:

Earn from your Blog 7

You can sell your own products via your blog.

Your products can be a few great books you wrote or, a few stunning photographs you took.

Or, almost anything you think has a selling value.

Nowadays, creating an Online Store and selling your own products through it got much easier than ever.

You can even hire a freelancer from Fiverr for doing all the hard work on your behalf.


There are several other ways to earn from your blog.

But I think the ways to generate revenue from your blog mentioned here are best ones.

Not only because they have the huge earning potential, but also some of them have the potential to become a rock-solid business alone if done properly.

As a blogger myself, I know what it takes to start and run even a tiny blog in terms of time, skills, dedication and of course money.

So, I strongly recommend you try to earn from your blog from very first day in order to a long survival of your blog.

And believe me, if you try to earn from your blog, there is nothing wrong with it.

Remember, the most important thing here is a decent number of active and organic traffic.

Now it is your turn to leave me a quick comment below stating which method of generating blog income you are going to implement first for your blog right now.

Ask me if you have any question regarding this.

I will be happy to answer you personally.

Subhabrata Kasyapi

4 thoughts on “Earn from Your Blog (Easily): 2017 Version”

  1. Thank you, Subhabrata for publishing this flawless guidelines to earn from Blogging.

    However, I’m a bit disappointed with Google AdSense mainly because of (possibly) slowest Growth Rate for my blog.

    So I’m planning to start Affiliated Marketing.

    Can you please help me regarding the same?

    Thanks again, anyway. 🙂

    • Thank you, Moumita.

      I am sorry to know that you are disappointed a little with Google AdSense.

      However, I congratulate you for taking the decision to become an Affiliated Marketer.

      I shall surely help you regarding this.

      Please keep in touch.



  2. Amazing! This blog looks just like my old one!
    It’s on a completely different subject but it has pretty much the same page layout and design. Great choice of colors!

    • Thank you, Kill.

      Happy to know that you liked this blog design.

      What about your Old Blog?

      If possible, share its link below. 🙂

      Keep in Touch.




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