12 Simple Things to You Should Remember on International Business Trips [Updated]

Traveling outside the country for business is always exciting for everyone.

It can be the most memorable experience if you know how to do it right.

You need to prepare well before you go on to a trip to any foreign country.

This holds true even if you are going to abroad for further study or business purposes.

 Here are some simple tips you should remember whenever you take an international travel trip.

1. Never Forget Your Passport:

Without your passport, your dream of international travel will stay a dream.

Check the expiration date of your passport and make sure it is valid for at least 6 months before you plan any foreign trip.

In case, it is going to get invalid in the coming months, it is recommended that you get your passport renewed, lest you may land up in any trouble.

2. Apply for the Respective VISA:

Every country has different rules for their visa application.

According to the time you wish to spend in the country, the application process may vary.

China, for example, lets the individual have multiyear VISAs so that you can save time and money if you come back during that period.

3. Take Precautionary Medicines:

Go through the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website for the list of the health advisories for every country.

Moreover, in case you are under medication for any specific health disorder, you should have sufficient medicines that would last you throughout the travel period.

However, make sure you take the prescription along with you in case the airport authorities refuse to allow any medicines.

4. Prefer Only HTTPS Website for Payment:

Whenever you are making any payments for your trip, prefer only HTTPS website which have installed an SSL Certificate.

These certificates work like security certificates and maintain the security of all your information such as credit card, debit card, and CVV number and keep it protected from the hackers.

SSL Certificates ensures data security by encrypting the information shared between the browser and the server.

Consequently, it will help you prevent any fraudulent transaction and make your travel experience even more pleasant and smooth.

5. Arrange for Enough Funds:

Money is of paramount importance when it comes to traveling.

It becomes still more crucial when you are planning a foreign trip.

Do not forget to call your credit card provider and bank to inform them that you will be abroad and specify the exact dates too.

In case you fail to do so, the bank might end up freezing your card on noticing the uninformed foreign charge.

Make sure you know the exchange rate and carry enough cash to be rest assured.

6. Always have Multiple Copies of the Travel Documents:

Have copies of all the important travel documents, like Passport, VISA, etc.

We recommend that you have minimum one color copy of your passport’s ID page kept safe in your luggage.

Always have copies of visas that are relevant to that particular trip.

Documents for hotel reservations, train ticket confirmations, or flight tickets should be photocopied along with their digital documents.

Moreover, you should have the digital copy saved to the device for accessibility without Internet connectivity.

Keep your devices password protected to prevent any unauthorized sources from getting your confidential information. 

7. Buy the Necessary Gear that Would Suit Your Electronics:

Every country has different electrical outlets.

Therefore, you should have the adapters to plug your devices into foreign sockets.

It is advisable to get an adapter that has various settings conforming to all the diverse outlets.

Before leaving for the foreign trip, assess the power of the electrical current of that place so that you can be sure that your devices are compatible with it.

For those devices that are not compatible with the current, get a transformer or just do not carry that device.

Always carry portable phone chargers and extra batteries in case your devices run out of battery during travel.

Pro-tip: Contact your mobile phone carrier for a suitable abroad plan that would allow you to make calls while you are out of your country.

8. Go through the Basic Words Used in that Country:

You should be able to communicate the basic stuff like “Hello“, “Thank you“, “Can I use the bathroom?“, etc. while abroad.

Also, you should be able to inform the people about your medical condition or food allergies.

You can even have a document with all the important phrases along with you.

9. Purchase Health and Travel Insurance:

Study your health insurance policy to understand the inclusions when it comes to international travel.

You can even consider buying a short-term insurance policy that will cover you during the foreign trip.

It is a good idea to buy travel insurance to get your trip protected.

Every provider has different policies and coverage but make sure that it has a refund policy in case your trip gets canceled or delayed in view of inadvertent circumstances.

10. Buy a Guidebook:

A guidebook with maps, keywords or phrases will prove to be a valuable asset while you are at the foreign country.

Carry out proper research on the destination you are heading to and download all the necessary apps too.

11. Pack Some Snacks (That You Love):

Traveling abroad can warrant you relaxation and refreshment, but it can be disappointing if you do not like the food served there.

To prevent such a scenario, pack some snacks in your luggage that will make sure you do not miss home even while you are miles away.

12. Inquire the Entrance and Exit Fees:

Apart from the tourist visa, some countries also have an entrance and exit fee for the tourists.

You should check for all such extra charges that might be expected from you in the new country.

You can google it up or approach a trustworthy travel agent for detailed answers.

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Before you get on the foreign road, go through these important tips and implement them for a memorable travel experience.

We would love to know your thoughts in the comments below. Do let us know if we are missing out on any important suggestions.

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