Entrepreneurial Mindset: Top 3 Hacks to Grow (Recommended for All Businesses)

I am enjoying my entrepreneurship journey for last 6 years. In those years I have made a lot of mistakes those obliged me to change certain things in order to rectify them. However, one thing that remain constant is my Entrepreneurial Mindset. In this post, I will be discussing the Top 3 Hacks to Grow and Dominate your Business with the proper Entrepreneurial Mindset.

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  • Entrepreneurial Mindset Hack#1-Never Give Up:

Never Give Up

No matter if you are just getting started your business or, you are playing well with your business for a few years just like me, you will get several “No”s and Negative Thoughts from inside and outside regardless of your niche.

It is an obvious.

No matter what you do, you just can not make everything in your favor.

When I start this blog, I was having No Credit Card to buy the various Power Tools like Aweber (for Bulk E-Mail Delivery), SEMRush (for Keyword Research), Beginner (current WordPress Theme), etc for this blog.

Most of the Banks have rejected my Applications even for a Low Limit Credit Card that time.

Finally, I have managed to get a Low Limit Credit Card (My First Credit Card) against a Fixed Deposit funded by Smt. S. Jana (our Angel Investor and Savior).

You must be wondering, why I am sharing all these staffs with you.

Only because I want you to make convinced that you should never give up.

Never ever.

I believe that the Problems and Solutions are often created simultaneously.

However, they don’t just exist together all the times.

  • Entrepreneurial Mindset Hack#2-“No”s Might be the Postponed “Yes”es:

Yes No

Getting confused?


The concept is very easy.

According to Karim Abouelnaga (the Founder of Practice Makes Perfect), he was receiving just 3% Positive Responses from his clients.

And he was not alone.

Still great businessmen get several negative responses from their potential clients and partners.

Because all “no”s might not be “real no“s and can be converted to “yes“es in future if your mindset towards them is right.

Let me go a bit deeper with this.

I am going to do this with the help of a Real-Life Business Experience from my life.

It was the middle of 2013.

Our Company targeted a reputed Bank Manager (for Computer A.M.C.) who resides at our locality.

At that time our company had a Highly Qualified (but really very small in size) Technical Service Team.

So when we approached that Bank Manager to sign his Home PCs  Annual Maintenance Contract with us, he was not confident enough about our service since had a really small team.

So he rejected us straight away.

And we were hurt but not broken.

After a few days, we call him again to fix another appointment with him.

He agreed happily.

When we met him in person in his premises, he expressed his grief for not signing the contract with us as his 2-PCs were completely burnt out (due to sudden thunder-storm) costing him a well $500 and almost one month of time to repair them.

If he signed an A.M.C. with us, perhaps he could save his $300 in money and 25 days in time as we were offering A.M.C.s at $100/PC per year with a 7-days Service Promise.

And guess what happened next?

He was pleased (as well as we) to sign an A.M.C. with us immediately for as much as 5 years with us.

We are still serving him happily.

It was a $1,000 Deal from a so called “Dead Prospect”.

Hope you got my message.

You have unlimited chances to nurture and re-nurture your leads (without annoying them, of course).

  • Entrepreneurial Mindset Hack#3-Accepting Mistakes and Learn form Them:

Accept Mistakes

As an entrepreneur, you have the right to make mistakes.

However, you should:

One wise way to do this is too learn from your mistakes.

Sounds easy?

Yes. It is.

But the catch is:

Doing so, however, is not as easy every time.

Our ego resists us from owning our mistakes.

It insists us to take part in a bloody Blame Game.

However, this can’t be an Winning Rule in the Real Businesses.

It is, therefore, is a must to accept your mistakes first.

After that, you have to find the ways to learn lessons from them.

Keep your mind open.

You can, practically, learn from unlimited resources like:

  • Your Inner-Self
  • Your juniors.
  • Your seniors.
  • Your parents.
  • Your friends.
  • Your spouse.
  • Your siblings.
  • Your competitors.
  • Your customers and
  • Even your children (if you’re blessed with them).

and this list is practically endless.

However, it is not always wise to accept your mistakes loudly.

Most of the times a silent acceptance does the trick.

It is because if you often accept your mistakes publicly, chances are high, your reputation might be at risk.

Which is a Big No for any business.


There are several high performance traits seen common in almost all the successful entrepreneurs.

However, I have found these 3 entrepreneurial mindsets are the most common and easy to find traits among all hyper active and smart professionals.

I, therefore, strongly recommend you to start practicing them today as per the situation and most importantly, do not wait for tomorrow to give them a good start.

Start practicing them today.

Let me know what do you thing about those entrepreneurial mindsets? Which one you are going to start practicing first, right from today? Share your experience with us by leaving a quick comment below.

See you in the next post.

Subhabrata Kasyapi

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