Future Web Design Trends: Get Ready for the Next Generation Web Design

I am sure that you are curious about the Future Web Design Trends.

After all, that’s the reason you are here.

Am I right?

I know you answer will be “Yes”.

In today’s post, I’ll be sharing my finest predictions on the future of website design trends.

Why You Must Know About Future Web Design Trends?

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You will be getting multiple benefits if you know about the Future Trends of Website Design.

Now, let me show you just a few of them.

If you are well aware of the future of web design trends,

  1. You will be well ahead of the competition.
  2. You will be getting more clients (i.e. pocket more revenue).
  3. It will be easier for you to become an Industry Thought Leader.
  4. You will able to design more and more Next Generation Sites.
  5. You will be able to deliver Quality Work to your clients, faster.

and lots more.

Now, grab a cup of hot coffee and dig in to the future of web design trends.

Design Predictions:

There will be no value of traditional web design in the near future.

So let’s check out some of the trends that are going be hot in the future Web Design Industry.

1. Mobile First Design:

Future Web Design Trends - Mobile First Design

Image Credit: Pixabay

Since more and more people are getting familiar to a “Search on the Go” Internet Surfing Style, it is no wonder that the next generation web designers (and web developers, as well) will put themselves in a Mobile First Design (that supports “Instant Feeds“) trend.

Supporting Data: What is Mobile First Design, and Why Should I Care?

2. Responsive Design:

Future Web Design Trends - Responsive Design 1

Image Credit: Pixabay

Responsive Sites (that remain user friendly irrespective of browsing devices), will rock in the next era of web design as people do not (and should not) want to give their eyes an extra strain with non-responsive websites.

Supporting Data: Why Responsive Web Design Has To Win Out

3. End of Home Page Slide Era:

Future Web Design Trends - Home Page Slider

Image Credit: Pixabay

Once upon a time, it was almost a must for a web designer to work with Homepage Slides on most of his/her website design projects.

Although, Home-Page Slides look beautiful in most websites, but they are often not Speed Optimised and also not good for UX.

Since, website speed is major one among 200 Search Engine Ranking Factors, slow websites will not be future-proof anymore.

Thus, the end of Home-Page Slide era is just a matter of time.

Supporting Data: Homepage Sliders – Bad For SEO, Bad For Usability

4. Rise of One-Page Site Design:

Future Web Design Trends - One Page Website Design

Image Credit: Pixabay

One-Page websites are Fast, Beautiful, SEO Friendly and most importantly, quick to develop ones within budget.

One-Page websites are most user-friendly with their True-Parallax Scrolling effects along with super responsiveness.

This is why the One-Page Websites are going to play a major role among the next generation websites.

Supporting Data: One Page Web Design on the Rise

5. Minimalism in Web Design is Getting Hot:

Future Web Design Trends - Minimalism in Web Design

Image Credit: Pixabay

Just like the One-Page Web Sites, the Minimalist Websites are getting popularity nowadays like never before.

The minimalist websites are Bold, Beautiful, Super User-Friendly with their Big, Clean Text Font Styles and an Ultra Targeted Conversion Optimised Outlook.

Thus, it is safe to say that the Minimalist Websites will be most popular ones in the Future Web Design Trends shortly.

Supporting Data: The Rise in Popularity of Minimalism in Web Design

Content Predictions:

Along with the design, the content of future websites will also be different from the traditional ones.

So let’s check out some of the trends that are going be hot in the next generation Website Contents.

1. Videos will Rock:

Future Web Design Trends - Videos will Rock

Image Credit: Pixabay

I don’t think there is any requirement to support my argument that states Video Contents will rock the industry in the upcoming days.

For that reason, web designers will use more and more videos for deigning their client sites.

And more bloggers will become vloggers (Video Bloggers) in upcoming days.

Supporting Data: Why Online Video is the Future of Content Marketing.

2. Clean, Focused and Useful Contents will Win:

Future Web Design Trends - Content

Image Credit: Pixabay

People are getting smarter everyday and so the Web Search Engines are.

That’s why only Clean, Focused and Useful Website Contents will win in the next era of web design.

Supporting Data: The Future of Content Marketing

3. Death of “Stock Contents” and Rise of “Authoritative Contents”:

Future Web Design Trends - Stock Photo

Image Credit: Pixabay

The future websites will be witnessing more and more “Authoritative Contents” as they boost User Trust Level along with the Audience Engagement.

This will, in turn, kill the use of “Stock Contents” in future.

Supporting Data: Web Design Trends for 2017

4. Demand for Benefit Rich Website Copy will be High:

Future Web Design Trends - Benefits

Image Credit: Pixabay

Website copies that focuses more on Benefits than on Features will be high in demand.

So, website copywriters will be focusing more on Benefit Rich, User Friendly website contents.

Supporting Data: 5 Copywriting Trends to Keep Up With

5. Demand for Dynamic Content will Touch the Sky:

Future Web Design Trends - Dynamic Content

Image Credit: Pixabay

Dynamic Contents (or, often known as Smart Contents) are the Super Personalised Contents that can make or break a future website in terms of sales and revenues.

It, therefore, does not need a very high performance brain to understand the significance of the dynamic contents for websites.

Nowadays more and more Big Brands are adopting this kind of Contents to improve their Sales and Revenue.

So, it is clear that dynamic contents will rule the future web design trends.

Supporting DataThe Rise of Dynamic Content

Other Predictions:

Future Web Design Trends - Prediction

Image Credit: Pixabay

Apart from Design and Content Predictions, there will be some major changes in other aspects of the website design in the future.

Let’s check out the major ones among them:

  1. More DIY Web Design Tools will dominate the web Design Industry.
  2. Data Research and Analysis Tools will be more expensive.
  3. Brands and Businesses will spend more money in Web Marketing.
  4. E-Commerce Sites will be increased in number.
  5. More sites will be having multiple Location Based Versions.
  6. Future websites will try to collect more leads and boost sales.
  7. Web design firms will employ huge content writers like never before.
  8. Demand and Salary of Dynamic Site Designers will increase.
  9. Static and Flash Sites will no longer be seen in the upcoming days.
  10. User Friendly and Secured Sites will win the Final Battle.


What’s Next?

Future Web Design Trends - Whats Next

Image Credit: Pixabay

The next thing is Taking Action.


Let me explain.

  1. Please add your own forecast on the Future Web Design Trends in the Comment Section below.
  2. If you have any question regarding this, post your question in the Comment Section below.
  3. Share this post among your friends and beloved ones.
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  5. Start implementing the Design Ideas shared here on your upcoming projects.



In this post, I have summarised all the major trends that are going to rock the future web design trends in 2017 and beyond.

I hope you have enjoyed the reading so far.

All I want you to go ahead and start implementing the future proof web design trends from your next project onward.

See you in the next post.

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