How to Choose the Best Reseller Hosting Service (Even You Have Never Done This)

There are many benefits of choosing to invest in the Reseller Hosting business model. It allows you to build a revenue stream without big initial investment. There is no need to maintain expensive servers, while being able to promote your own business and reach out to a wider marketplace. If you want to become a reseller, it is important that you choose the best reseller hosting provider.

What is Reseller Hosting?

Reseller Hosting is a type of web hosting that allows you to use the allocated disk space and bandwidth to host third-party websites. You can purchase the web host’s services and sell to your own clients.

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Features of Reseller Hosting:

If you are looking for the best reseller hosting, you should evaluate the following key factors.

Bandwidth & Storage Space:

Bandwidth and storage space are the two most important features to be considered when choosing the best reseller hosting. These factors have a direct impact on your business prospects. Consider your hosting business and the type of websites which are hosted. Do those websites have rich media content, including videos? Avoid cheap hosting solutions that don’t have the required resources to meet the requirements of your hosting business. If the resources don’t match the requirements, you will have to deal with website load issues and downtime.

Evaluate the bandwidth limitations of multiple hosting providers. You don’t want to pay more if the traffic volume grows because your client websites receive a higher number of visitors. The best reseller hosting company should offer you unlimited/unmetered bandwidth.

When choosing a web host, you should take into consideration all the different types of clients you have. There will be accounts that require minimal bandwidth and storage space and then there will be advanced accounts that could surpass the monthly limits within a week’s time. It will require careful evaluation and planning to find out which web hosting provider and plan you should choose to address the needs of different types of clients.

Control Panel – Ease of Use:

The type of control panel offered will determine how easy it is to run your Reseller Hosting service. The control panel is an important factor that cannot be ignored because it is what allows you to manage your hosting service. It should make it easy for you to handle different operations including:

  • Account set up
  • Creating web hosting plans
  • Billing your clients
  • Handling administrative tasks

An easy-to-use control panel not only helps you save time, but it can also reduce the cost of operation. Usually the top providers of Reseller Hosting offer WHM/cPanel or Parallels Plesk admin depending on the Operating System of the package. The efficiency with which your run your reseller hosting model depends mainly on this factor.

White-Label Hosting:

When looking for the best reseller hosting, your goal would be to sell the services under your own brand name. So it is important to look for web hosts that provide white-label hosting solutions. This means that you will be able to have your own custom selling interface. You will be able to create and sell your own hosting plans under your own brand name. You will also be able to use an API that can be integrated with your own website.

Plan Customization:

Most clients want to find hosting plans that perfectly meet their specific requirements. The best reseller hosting service will allow you to create custom plans to address those needs. This further allows you to sell more and generate more profits. A good host should allow you complete flexibility, which can help you gain an edge in the market.


Reliability is another key factor that cannot be ignored when choosing the best reseller hosting. In fact, the success of your reseller hosting business depends on this factor. Avoid an unreliable web hosting company because it would easily mean losing your customers.

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The best reseller hosting company will have an excellent reputation. A little research on a web host about its data centers, service quality, and customer support quality can help you determine which one to choose.


Make sure to consider the number of domains offered in the reseller hosting plan. This affects the number of plans you could sell on a single account. The best reseller hosting will allow you to maintain innumerable domains on an account. The limitation is determined only by how many domains you could handle. However, you should consider bandwidth and storage space simultaneously when considering this factor.


These points will help you to pick best reseller hosting service provider. So, if you really want to see a rising figure in your revenues without investing much, then keep above mentioned aspects points into your prime consideration prior selecting any reseller hosting service provider.

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