WordCamp Delhi 2017: Experiences and Highlights (with Takeaways for Newbies)

WordCamp Delhi 2017 was held on 19th August, 2017 at NDMC Convention Centre, Parliament Street, New Delhi.

It was a full-day conference with multiple sessions on Technical, Non-Technical and Commercial topics related to WordPress.

Renowned experts have shared their views and experiences that were extremely helpful for all the WordPress Users.

Front Gate of WordCamp Delhi 2017

Front Gate of WordCamp Delhi 2017

This awesome event was sponsored by the reputed companies like Bluehost, GoDaddy, Automatic, ResellerClub and lots more.

If you are completely new to the WordPress, you can read more about it here.

My Journey to WordCamp Delhi 2017 from Kolkata:

When I first read about this event on ShoutMeLoud (by Harsh Agrawal), I took a quick decision.

That I will attend this event, for sure.

And I made it happen, finally.

But everything was NOT so easy.

As I was to convince my family members about the same.

It took me a few days to convince them (as they were not aware of Blogging, WordPress and all).

Subhabrata Kasyapi with Parents

Myself (with Parents) in Front of WordCamp Delhi 2017 Main Gate

And by that time, most of the event tickets were sold.

That’s one of the main reasons we couldn’t manage to join this event as a team.

However, my family members joined me, shared the bills and beard the pain of staying with a laptop minded guy.

My Temporary Hotel Office Desk [WordCamp Delhi 2017 (2)]

My Temporary Office Desk [at Hotel B. B. Palace (New Delhi)]

Yup! You guessed right.

I was talking (just) about myself.

Why Did I Join WordCamp Delhi 2017:

There were several reasons that lead me to join this awesome event.

I am going to share most of them with you so that you can listen to your inner-calls to Join the Upcoming WordCamps.

My objectives for attending this event included (but not limited to) the followings:

  • to meet some like-minded people.
  • to learn from experts.
  • to make my Personal Brand stronger.
  • to get a few leads.
  • to gain solid confidence in Public Speaking.
  • to build rapport with some industry experts.
  • to let experts validate (and guide me about) my upcoming projects.
  • to obtain some extra eye-balls to my live digital ventures.
  • to enjoy the tasty foods.
  • to volunteer the WordPress Community to grow.

Personal Talk (Behind the Curt):

I have started for Delhi from Kolkata by train with my parents on 16th August and reached there on the next day – exactly 2 days before the event.

There we first met my elder sister along with her family who were from Hyderabad.

After that, we checked-in to our pre-booked rooms at Hotel B. B. Palace.

We enjoyed staying there a lot.

Now, let’s talk about the event.

Pre-Launch Enjoyments:

There was a rainy morning on 19th August, 2017 in Delhi.

But out of extra-excitement I have reached the venue at right time and took part in various Pre-Launch (Self) Enjoyments like taking photographs (including selfies), tea, coffee and snacks, light talks with co-attendees, etc.

People are Enjoying Themselves [WordCamp Delhi 2017]

People are Enjoying Themselves [WordCamp Delhi 2017]

The bottom line is the event was full of excitements from the first to last.

People were warmly welcoming each other to this event irrespective of everything.

Event Overview:

There were two different tracks viz. Track-1 and Track-2 at the WordCamp Delhi 2017 where two different live sessions were going on simultaneously.

And the attendees were free enough to attend either of them as per their own preferences.

I’ll be mentioning Track-1 and Track-2 as T-1 and T-2 respectively from now onwards.

Now, let’s checkout the event schedule first.

  • 8:30:

Registration started. Event ID Cards and Lunch Coupons have been distributed among the attendees. At the same time, attendees have also collected their WordCamp Logo embedded notepads, pens and other essentials. Attendees have also taken their breakfast in this time.

Subhabrata Kasyapi in Front of WordCamp Delhi 2017 Gate

Just Received My Even Registration Card (and Lunch Coupon, Of Course)

  • 9:45:

The main event started with an Official Announcement. And the whole event was professionally anchored by a young, beautiful and energetic WordCamp Delhi 2017 Volunteer. I’m sorry. But I can’t recall her name right now.

  • 10:00:

T-1: Mr. Rahul Bansal discussed about Selling WordPress to Enterprises.

T-2: Another WordPress Expert discussed about Introduction of WordPress.

  • 10:45:

T-1: Mr. Damanjeet Singh discussed about How to Make a WordPress Website More Trustworthy.

T-2: Mr. Amit Kumar Singh discussed about the Alternative WordPress Development Techniques.

Inside the Hall [WordCamp Delhi 2017 (4)]

Inside the Hall [WordCamp Delhi 2017 (1)]

  • 11:20:

T-1: Mr. Ravi Chahar discussed about How to Troubleshoot WordPress Like a Pro.

T-2: Mr. Varun Sharma discussed about How to Make WordPress Codes Readable and Secure.

  • 11:50:

There was a small Tea and Snacks Break.

Inside the Hall [WordCamp Delhi 2017 (1)]

Inside the Hall [WordCamp Delhi 2017 (2)]

  • 12:10:

T-1: Mr. Ankur Raheja, Mr. Rodney Ryder and Mr. Sanyog Shelar have discussed about Multiple Legal Aspects of WordPress in a panel discussion.

T-2: Mr. Nargesh Rai discussed about his Journey to WordPress.Org from WordPress.Com.

  • 13:00:

T-1: Mr. Ashutosh Gaur discussed about How WordPress can be the First Building Block of an Entrepreneurial Journey.

T-2: Mr. Hardeep Asrani discussed about Gutenberg: The Future of Content Creation in WordPress.

  • 13:30:

Delicious dishes (Pure Veg.) have been served among the attendees on buffet.

Inside the Hall [WordCamp Delhi 2017 (2)]

Inside the Hall [WordCamp Delhi 2017 (3)]

  • 14:35:

T-1: Mr. Arun Bansal discussed about the WordPress Security Master Plan.

T-2: Mr. Vineet Talwar discussed about the WordPress Migration Procedure.

  • 15:15:

T-1: Mr. Mani Karthik discussed about How WordPress has Helped him to become Successful in Silicon Valley.

T-2: There was a Open Session among the WordPress Developers for Skill Development.

  • 15:55:

T-1: Mr. Partha Pandya discussed about the Relationship Marketing in the Contrast of WordPress.

T-2: There was a Open Session among the WordPress Developers for Skill Development.

  • 16:25:

There was a small Tea and Snacks Break.

Inside the Hall [WordCamp Delhi 2017 (3)]

Inside the Hall [WordCamp Delhi 2017 (4)]

  • 16:40:

T-1: Ms. Priyanka Sachar, Ms. Tullika Kiran, Ms. Tseten Dolkar and Ms. Savita Soni discussed about the Transition to an Entrepreneur from a Freelancer.

T-2: Mr. Ajit Bohra discussed about the Diet & Lifestyle of WordPress.

  • 17:10:

T-1: Mr. Harsh Agrawal discussed about the Growth Hacking of a WordPress Blog in Terms of Money and Traffic.

T-2: There was no event.

  • 17:50:

The event was ended officially with Closing Remarks.


Final Selfie of the Day [WordCamp Delhi 2017]

WordCamp Delhi 2017 – Top 5 Takeaways:

1. WordPress Professionals should convince and assure their potential clients about the Power and Beauty of WordPress to win them.

2. Every website should convey a Strong and Clear Message through its Home Page and About Page.

3. WordPress Professionals should be very much clear about their Rights and Licenses.

4. WordPress Developers should have a Very Strong Security Master Plan for their projects.

5. Marketers should pay more attention towards the Relationship Marketing.

What Else:

Apart from the main event and the most sober co-attendees, there were lots of other points of attraction.

I have talked with the representatives of many companies those sponsored the event and learnt about their innovative products and services.

Gifts of the WordPress (with Love) [WordCamp Delhi 2017]

Gifts of the WordCamp (with Love) [WordCamp Delhi 2017]

Also, I met with Mr. Harsh Agrawal (My Dream Blogger) personally during this event and I was also presented an Wireless Mouse by one of the ResellerClub representatives.

Here, I want to disclose that I could not attend the Track-2 sessions all by myself as I considered they are mostly for the WordPress Beginners and Developers (and I am not none of these two).

However, I have put relevant links along with the sessions I have mentioned above.

What’s Next:

Finally, I request you to go ahead and click on the links given bellow and grab more information about it.


WordCamp Delhi 2017 was an awesome experience for me.

I was really very very much proud for being an attendee of this beautiful event.

I therefore encourage you to mark your calendar today for the Next WordCamp Event so that you do not miss it.

And if you are a attendee of this event, please share your experience by leaving a quick comment below.

Or, you may have a question regarding this event or, its takeaways.

Either way, just leave me a quick comment below.

And I’d love to reply you personally.

Finally, just share this post with other WordPress People and help the community to grow.

Jai WordPress (Hail to WordPress)!

See you in the next post.

Let’s Blog Ethically.

Subhabrata Kasyapi

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