3 Power Body Hacks to Improve Your Mood (Recommended by Experts)

Writing is a Creative Art. So is the Blogging. You can not (really) do well in your Blogging Career if you are NOT creative enough. But creativity needs a Good Mood. In this post, I am going to share 3 Must Know Power Body Hacks those can improved your mood (and creativity of course) for Free and almost instantly, regardless the situation you are in.

However, you have to be committed to make yourself more happy and more creative as well.

So lets start the journey from here on.

1. Upgrade Your General Postures to the Power Postures:

So what are the Power Postures?

You can consider them something like:

You probably know that our body hormones have immense effect on your moods.

And our postures control our body hormones to a great extend.

Therefore, it is a very easy to conclude equation that our postures have great impact on our mood.

For example, Cortisol and Testosterone are the Stress Hormone and the Confidence Hormone respectively.

The higher the level of Cortisol present in our blood, the more we feel ourselves stressed.

Similarly, the higher the level of Testosterone present in our blood, the more we feel confident about ourselves.

We everyday use multiple postures those either boost our moods or, negatively affect them.

To be able to deliver our best (without being tired) we must have retain ourselves in a Charming Mood as much as possible.

Power postures just help us with the same – they help us to be in highly energized moods.

According to the famous Harvard Psychologist Amy Cuddy, there are two kinds of Power Postures:

  • High Power Postures: Those are Open, Relaxed and More Spacious and
  • Low Power Postures: Those are Closed, Tensed and Less Spacious.


While the High Power Postures help us to boost our moods, the Low Power Postures make us feel bad.

But the Good News is we can control both of these postures, easily.

In the following video Cuddy describes the whole matter very easily.

Power postures are the most important parts of Power Body Hacks those help us to boost our confidence level and reduce our unnecessary tresses as well.

As a result, we can expect more successes in our lives.

2. Give and Take Hugs (The Light of Power Body Hacks):


You read right.

Hug is the most common yet most effective inter-personal touch that involves the best of two friendly bodies.

And seriously, it can Do Magic.

Here, Oxytocin (also known as the “Cuddle Hormone“) plays the trick.

It generates a soothing feeling by lowering our emotional reactivity to “bad things” in our environment.

According to another psychologist Alex Corb, the Inter-Personal Touches (like Hug, Hand-Shake, Kiss, Gentle Taps on Soldier, etc) are the most effective ways to increase the Oxytocin Level in our blood.

Alex further argued that, apart from inter-personal touches, contact with soft and warm objects also have soothing and relaxing effect.

Feeling warm can boost oxytocin – or at least mimic its effects. So if you don’t get a hug, try wrapping yourself in a blanket and holding a mug of hot tea. Taking a warm shower can also help”

(Alex Korb, Upward Spiral: The neuroscience of depression).

3. Smile Freely and Laugh Loudly:

In the Animal Kingdom, only the Human being is blessed with the Sense of Smiling.

Our facial muscles have a significant effect on our emotional levels and mood.

This was proved in a Social Experiment conducted by Fritz Strack and his Team in the year of 1988.

You can find the details of that experiment from the following video:

You will be surprised to see the result.

Smiling can change the way we face the difficult situations.

Sometimes when our brain gets tired with stresses and negative thoughts, we should try to focus on smile, no matter how difficult the situation is.

It makes the difficult situations better and easier.


I have shared my top 3 power body hacks in this post.

If you practice them seriously, chances are (really) very high that you will learn the art of controlling your moods by using power body hacks.

If you can control your mood, you will be able to better focus on your tasks which matter most to you.

Let me know what do you think about this. Are you Practicing any of these hacks in your daily life? What is the result? Or, if you are a bit confused about these, just let me know by leaving a quick comment below.

See you in the next post.

Subhabrata Kasyapi

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