Top 5 Reasons for Starting Social Media Marketing Right Away (for Beginners)

The Social Media has changed the whole digital marketing landscape since it inception into the picture. In this post, I have shared the Top 5 Reasons for Starting Social Media Marketing Right Away (for Beginners).

It will not harm you even if you do not consider yourself as a complete beginner 😛

So why should we care about social media marketing before everyone else?

1. To Drive Real Traffic:

Traffic (

If you are working in the field of content marketing even for a few days, you probably know that the Value of Traffic in the Content Marketing Niche.

Now, what if I say:


I believe that:

And I hope you think in this way too.

Social Media Marketing just helps us in driving high quality real traffic who are ready to buy from us or subscribe to our blogs without thinking too much.

I will be sharing more useful and completely actionable information about social media marketing in my future posts.

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2. Search Engine Optimization:

Types of SEO

I have discussed about SEO and its Significance before.

The Search Engine Giants like Google, Yahoo, Bing have already given a clear indication that in their upcoming Ranking Algorithms, they are going to give Social Signals more and more values.

Therefore, if you can start your content marketing with a special focus on Social Media Marketing, you will be surely beneficial for this in the long run.

In fact, if you can do it right, it is possible that you will reap the benefits almost instantly.



3. People Engagement:

People (

Another key to success in content marketing is People Engagement.

Simply it increases the unique Brand Value of your Business.

The more the people will talk, click, like, share or, comment about your published contents, the more their value will be increased.

And the social media marketing is probably the best place to grab this excellent opportunity correctly for absolutely free or in exchange of a few bucks (pretty less than the paid advertising campaigns).

4. Branding:

Branding (

Social Media can boost the Branding and Promotional ROI of almost any kind of businesses.

If implemented correctly, Social Media Marketing can do wonders with:

  • Lead Generation
  • Sales
  • Promotion
  • Customer Interaction
  • Market Domination and lots more.


I will be sharing a few complete and step-by-step guides to leverage the benefits of social media marketing in your content marketing efforts.

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5. Social Media Marketing is Mobile Friendly:

Mobile Friendly (

With the advancement of technology, more and more people are getting “mobile” now.

I think almost 70% of the people who are in regular touch with your contents, are the owners of at least one smartphone each.

And also, it is safe to assume that some of them use their smartphones to read and comment on all of your blog posts.

Therefore, to give your contents wider wings, you should (and you must) deliver your contents to your audience in a mobile friendly manner.

Since most of the Social Media Sites are now Mobile-Friendly and most of them have also introduced specific apps for Android and iPhone Users, you should not miss the opportunity to place your contents on various social networking sites.


Creating high quality contents is completely useless if none can read them (and get benefitted from them).


In this post I have shared my thoughts on the importance of Social Media Marketing for your business.

Now, let me know what do you think about it. Which social media network you are going to use to promote your contents in? Share your thoughts by leaving a quick comment below.

See you in the next post.

Subhabrata Kasyapi

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