Affiliate Marketing: A Quick Start Guide for Beginners (Fully Updated for 2016)

If you ever Googled for the working methods of earning money from your blog, I can bet the term “Affiliate Marketing” is NOT unknown to you.


Affiliate Marketing is probably the most advanced yet painless method of monetizing your blog or, website passively.

However, getting started with Affiliated Marketing is NOT so Passive.

Because of the (true) fact that states:

If you want to enjoy the success and touch your dreams with affiliate marketing, but not sure how and where to start, you are at right place, my friend.


I have written this complete and step-by-step affiliate marketing quick start guide especially for the beginners like you and thousand others.

So let’s start here:

Main Concept of Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate Marketing Quick Start Guide Beginners Image 1

I have Googled for several hours to know the Main (Basic) Concept of Affiliate Marketing.

But unfortunately, I did not find any simple answer to this question over the internet.

So I have decided to answer this question for you to the best to my understanding in this regard.

Simply put,


It is as simple as that.

Nothing more, nothing less.

However, in spite of being the sales people, affiliate marketers enjoy a better and happier life than those of the traditional salesmen.

Here is why:

  • Affiliate Marketers work with Freedom.
  • Affiliate Marketers have NO Sales Target imposed on them.
  • Affiliate Marketers enjoys commissions from multiple companies.
  • Affiliate Marketers can Work from Home.
  • Affiliate Marketers can earn huge even while they are sleeping.

and this list is, well, an endless one.

Perhaps you are thinking now,

Is it really possible to earn while sleeping?”

My answer is “Yes“.

One day, I was checking my Morning Mails from my bed.

Suddenly, I noticed a mail stating that a New Sale has been made and the Sales Commission has already been Credited to my Affiliate Account.

Aff. Comm. SS

That’s how I have made my First Affiliated Sale while I was Sleeping.

I was just a newbie (like you) at that time and still have made my First Affiliated Sale successfully.

If I have done this with no prior experience and no proper guidance, you can, of course, do it, even better than me.

Becuase I believe that:

Affiliate Marketing Quick Start Terminologies:

Affiliate Marketing Quick Start Guide Beginners Image 2

Before we dive directly to the basics of affiliate marketing and its implementation let me share a few terms of affiliate marketing for starting it quickly.

  • Affiliates: Salesmen like you and me who are Promoting and Selling the Affiliate Products.
  • Affiliate Marketplace: Here multiple Affiliated Programs are available in various niches under one roof. I am using ClickBank – A reliable affiliate marketplace.
  • Affiliate Software: Software used by companies to create an affiliate program for their products.
  • Affiliate Link: Your Unique Tracking Link (given by your Affiliate Company) to track Your Sales and Subsequent Commissions.
  • Affiliate ID: Your Unique Tracking ID (like your Affiliate Link) to track Your Sales and Subsequent Commissions. Affiliate IDs plays a better role than Affiliate Links due to their extra flexibilities of link placements.
  • Payment Mode: It is the mode (like Cash, Cheque, PayPal, Bank Transfer, etc) by which you will be get paid your Sales Commissions.
  • Affiliate Managers: These people help their fellow Affiliate Marketers to make more sales (and earn higher commissions, needless to say).
  • Commission Rate: It is the amount or percentage of sales commission you earn for every sale.
  • 2-Tier Affiliate Marketing: In this method, you can earn a commission even when your sub-affiliate makes a sale.
  • Landing Pages: These are the dedicated pages for increasing the affiliate sales.
  • Custom Affiliate Accounts: Many companies provide their super affiliates this kind of dedicated Affiliate Accounts.
  • Link Cloaking: It makes a long (and usually ugly) affiliate link a shorter and sweeter one.
  • Custom Coupons: They help to increase sales by providing customized and attractive discounts to the potential buyers.
  • Affiliate Dashboard: Here affiliate marketers can keep track of their affiliate marketing performance, request payments and lots more.


Pre-Requisites for Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate Marketing Quick Start Guide Beginners Image 3

Days are gone when a simple blog or website (with a few visitors) was more than sufficient to get started with the affiliate marketing.

In the present era of 2016, the most important thing that requires to getting started with affiliate marketing is the strong and in-depth knowledge of Consumer Behaviour.

No matter which industry you are planning to start your first affiliate marketing campaign in, you must need a few pre-requisites even before starting it.

Here is the beginner friendly list:

  • a (really) great Product/Service to promote.
  • a blog or website owned by you.
  • a few trending Social Media Accounts.
  • an E-Mail List.
  • a dedicated Bank Account.
  • an Activated PayPal Account.
  • a little WordPress Knowlege.
  • a Strong Winning Mentality.


What’s Next?

Affiliate Marketing Quick Start Guide Beginners Image 4

The next is getting started.

Since I have written this Affiliate Marketing Quick Start Guide especially for beginners, I assume that you need a few days time to set all the things (pre-requisites) up.

I strongly recommend you to arrange all the pre-requisites of affiliate marketing one by one in a disciplined manner.

I will be sharing most advanced and sure-fire ways to be successful with the affiliate marketing in this blog regularly.

If you really want success in affiliate marketing, you should subscribe this blog today.


I have shared the basics of affiliate marketing in this post.

I am sure this will help the beginners to start their affiliate marketing journey faster.

But the first thing first.


You have to take action.

Share this post with your beloved one whom you think should enjoy a better and entrepreneur’s lifestyle, too.

Finally, if you need any help from me to start affiliate marketing, or you feel a little confusion about anything about it, feel free to leave a comment for me below.

I will be more than happy to guide you.

Subhabrata Kasyapi

2 thoughts on “Affiliate Marketing: A Quick Start Guide for Beginners (Fully Updated for 2016)”

  1. Great article, very informative and hit the nail on the head many times. In order to succeed you need to take action and most people start to take action, see no results and give up way too early. I tell people you need to spend 6-12 months making no money before you start seeing positive results.

    • Thanks Rhys for sharing your valuable thoughts here.

      Yes. You are absolutely right.

      Since Blogging and Affiliate Marketing are NOT Get-Rich-Quick Schemes, people who want to see themselves successful here, need to be ready for working really smart for at least 6-12 months even before they can expect anything monetary for their efforts.

      Happy to know that you have found this post useful.

      Stay Tuned.




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