List of 5 Best CPM Advertising Networks for 2016 Bloggers (with Full Reports)

In the present era of 2016, the CPM Advertising Networks are one of the extremely powerful sources of content monetization for bloggers.

There are lots of companies provide CPM Advertising Services to both of the Advertisers and Publishers like us.

Several new CPM Ad Networks are regularly going live (and being dead) almost every month.

They all are coming online with new promises, new business plans and of course, new opportunities for their clients.


All of those advertisement agencies are not same in terms of overall quality of the services and support they are offering to their clients.

In this article, I am going to share top 5 CPM Advertising Networks for the 2016 bloggers.

Before going straight to the intended topic of this post, let me brief the concept of CPM Advertisement to you (if you do not know it already).

The phrase “CPM (Cost per Mille)” means “Cost per Thousand Impressions“.

Impression” refers to a single instance on which an advertisement appears on your blog.

One of the greatest advantages of monetizing your content with CPM Advertising (over contextual ads) is your visitors need not click on any of those ads displayed on your website to get you paid.

You will be paid just for displaying the ads to your visitors on your website.

In this case, if you show an advertisement on your blog on behalf of a CPM Advertising Network, the advertisement network will pay you for per thousand (actual) impressions on your blog for that particular advertisement at a pre-specified rate.

What about the Payment Calculation?

It is pretty simple.

CPM=(Cost/Total Impression)x1000

To get successful with CPM Advertisement as a Blogger, you need to maintain the following qualities with your blog.

  • a decent number of active visitors
  • a regularly updated live blog
  • beautiful and ad-optimized blog design
  • high-quality, appealing content
  • the absence of all kinds of unethical contents


I have mentioned earlier that, all the CPM Advertising Companies are NOT same.

So I have compiled a list of best CPM Advertisement Networks working for 2016.

Have a look below.

1. AdsOptimal – One of the Best CPM Advertising Networks:

CPM Advertising Networks for 2016 Bloggers 1

<Image Source>

AdsOptimal is one of the most popular CPM Advertisement Networks.

Company Brief:

AdsOptimal (by Social Nation Inc.) was established back in October 2012.

It is located in San Francisco, California.

They have already built (and running successfully) some of the largest Facebook and Web Apps with a strong user base of 150 million people.

Why should You Join AdsOptimal:
Important Notes:


Join AdsOptimal Today.

2. Amazon CPM Ads – (Earn $100+ Daily):

CPM Advertising Networks for 2016 Bloggers 2

<Image Source>

Amazon stepped into the CPM Advertisement Industry a few months ago. Its CPM Ad Service is comparatively new yet highly promising.

Company Brief:

Amazon is an American E-Commerce and Cloud Computing Company having HQ in Seattle, Washington. It was founded on 1994. It is the largest global e-retailer by total sales and market capitalization.

Why should You Join Amazon CPM Ads:
  • It offers higher CPM ($1.8 to $2+ <source>)
  • Ideal Ads Block for Sidebar Placement
  • Stable RPM for Higher Paying Ads
  • Easy to Use
  • On-time Payment
Important Notes:
  • Joining here is an “Invitation Only Process” so far.
  • It offers Passback Feature for higher revenue.



3. Propeller Ads – (No Minimum Traffic Required):

CPM Advertising Networks for 2016 Bloggers 3

<Image Source>

Propeller Ads is an Advertisement Network from U.K., that promises 100% of the International Traffic and maximum CPM revenue possible <source>.

Company Brief:

Propeller Ads is an Internet Media Company founded in 2011 with a focus on creating a better bridge between the Publishers and the Advertisers. It offers multi-channel advertisement benefits.

Why should You Join Propeller Ads:
  • Instant Account Activation.
  • 80% Revenue Sharing.
  • No Minimum Traffic Required.
  • Recurring Referal Income Opportunity.
  • Good Support.
Important Notes:


Join Propeller Ads Today.

4. Conversant Media – Low Minimum Traffic Requirement:

CPM Advertising Networks for 2016 Bloggers 4

<Image Source>

Conversant (formerly known as ValueClick Media) is a large Display Advertisement Company.

Company Overview:

For more than 15 years, this company is transforming the way that brands reach and talk to their consumers, to drive meaningful relationships at an incredible scale <source>.

Why should You Join Conversant Media:
Important Notes:
  • Sometimes it shows Low-Quality Ads.
  • CPM is directly proportional to the traffic.
  • It has a great Affiliated Program.


Join Conversant Media Today.

5. Exponential – Displays High Quality Ads:

CPM Advertising Networks for 2016 Bloggers 5

<Image Source>

Exponential was formerly known as Tribal Fusion.

Company Overview:

Exponential Interactive is a global provider of advertising intelligence and digital media solutions to brand advertisers.

Why should You Join Exponential:
Important Notes:
  • Minimum Unique Visitors Requirement: 50K/Month
  • Minimum Payout: $50
  • Requires Own TLD.
  • Active and High-Quality Site Required.


Join Exponential Today.


In this post, I have mentioned names of a few CPM Advertising Networks to help you monetize your contents.

I have compiled this list very carefully to ensure regardless of your blog traffic, you can find a way to monetize it.

If I have taken the first step to help you make money from your contents, you must need to take the second step by signing up for all of those programs one by one (where applicable) and using them with patience.

However, I always encourage you to do your research for other advertisement services (share the result here) in order to make money from your blog or website.

So what you are waiting for?

Start making money from your blog today.

Maybe you have some questions to ask me, or, something to share – feel free to do so by leaving a quick comment below.

I reply all the comments personally.

Subhabrata Kasyapi

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