GlobeHost Review: The Best Budget Hosting for Beginners (2017 Version)

I am using GlobeHost since February, 2015. I have almost 9 domains (including this one) registered with them along with their Unlimited Hosting Plan. I have found that GlobeHost is the Best Budget Hosting Service Provider for the Beginners. Today, I will be sharing my 18+ months experience with it in this GlobeHost Review for you.

To make this GlobeHost Review as simple as possible, I will be discussing about the following topics one-by-one.

About GlobeHost:

Check out the following screenshot to know a bit about GlobeHost.

About GlobeHost


GlobeHost Offerings:

GlobeHost offers various Domain and Hosting Solutions for a wider range of Clientele.

While their Domain Solutions offer almost all kinds of Top Level Domains at truly affordable prices, their Hosting Solutions include SSL Certificates, Cloud Hosting, Re-Seller Hosting, Shared Hosting, Virtual Server and Dedicated Servers.

All of the GlobeHosting Web Hosting Plans supports 1-Click WordPress Installation and also they support many other scripts like Joomla, Drupal, etc for 1-Click Installation.

GlobeHost Review for Shared Hosting:

I am going to expand my experiences on GlobeHost Shared Hosting on the basis of the following points:

  • Reliability (a.k.a. Server Uptime)
  • Affordability
  • Infrastructure (Hosting Resources)
  • User Friendliness
  • Customer Support


Let’s discuss them one-by-one.

1. Reliability (Server Uptime):

Storage Rack

According to GlobeHost, they are offering 99.99% to 100% uptime.

However, I have experienced a few down times from them for just 1-2 minutes in 2015.

This might be due to their Server Upgradation or anything.

But I do not consider it as their Major Drawback as it happens to even the most expensive hosting service providers also, time to time.

And moreover, I have not face any issue with their Server Uptime in last 11 months or at the time of writing this GlobeHost Review for you..

So I think they have become more reliable company than they were in the year of 2015.

Host your Site with GlobeHost Now just for $4.45/year (and Save Huge).

I would give them 9/10 for reliability on the basis of my personal experience.

2. Affordability:

They are the Cheapest.


I did not found any other Standard Web Hosting Service Provider in last 4 years that offers such a great service at such a lower price.

As I have mentioned earlier in this post, their fully-featured C-Panel Powered Basic Web Hosting Package starts from $4.45/year or, Rs.249/Year (for Indians only).

Can you believe it?

Checkout the following screenshot:

GlobHost Webhosting Plans (


And yes.

They are also consistent with their pricing.

That means unlike their competitors, they do not change their pricing every now and then.

Since I run multiple websites, I have chosen their Unlimited Web Hosting Package which is another most affordable plan too.

See the details below:

GlobHost Webhosting Unlimited Plans (



They are offering Unlimited Web Hosting benefit just for $20/Year or, Rs.1,500/year (for Indians only)

And what is more, they are also offering Free Domain with their Unlimited Plan and a 30-Days Money Back Guarantee for all of their Web Hosting Packages.

Host your Site with GlobeHost Now just for $4.45/year (and Save Huge).

I would give them 10/10 for affordability on the basis of my personal experience.

3. Infrastructure (Hosting Resources):


This is another Plus Point of GlobeHost.

However, I am NOT trying to convince you that they are offering the Best Infrastructure for all of your Web Hosting Requirements.

But it can be easily said that it is the best budget hosting for beginners that offer advanced and industry ready features.

Let’s have a look on at GlobeHost latest Hosting Resources for all Web Hosting Packages:

  • Modern C-Panel (LINUX) or, Plesk (Windows)
  • FTP Access
  • One-Click Script Installs
  • WordPress and Joomla Included
  • PHP, Java Script and MySQL
  • No Limit on Traffic


Most new blogs or, general websites often do not need more Web Hosting Resources than GlobeHost already offers.

However, you can always send them new feature request.

They will certainly give you the best possible solutions they can.

And yes.

That too within 24 hours.

I would give them 8/10 for infrastructure on the basis of my personal experience.

Host your Site with GlobeHost Now just for $4.45/year (and Save Huge).

4. User Friendliness:

Once you get comfortable with the C-Panel Interface of GlobeHost Admin Area, you will feel all by yourself how user friendly GlobeHost is.

GlobeHost C-Panel is fully loaded with several Guides and Tutorials.

You can access them anytime within your GlobeHost Admin Area.

Below is a Screenshot of GlobeHost c-Panel Admin Area.

GH C-Panel


They promote Self-Service.

However, you are having any issue regarding Self-Service, GlobeHost Experts will be right to help you out.

I would give them 9/10 for User Friendliness on the basis of my personal experience.

Host your Site with GlobeHost Now just for $4.45/year (and Save Huge).

5. Customer Support:

GlobeHost Review Customer Support Man

GlobeHost offers Customer Support through

  • Telephone
  • E-Mail
  • Tickets and
  • Live Chat


And their TAT (Turn Around Time) is 24 hours only.

I have contacted their Customer Support Team various times.

I am fully satisfied with them and their customer support.

I would give them 9/10 for Customer Support on the basis of my personal experience.

Host your Site with GlobeHost Now just for $4.45/year (and Save Huge).


I have shared my 1.5+ years GlobeHost Review with you in this post.

If you want to host your blog with a Good Web Hosting Site Provider, but on a tight budget, this post can do a miracle for you.

Because I have shared my views about GlobeHost with you in details.

So go ahead and Host your Site with GlobeHost Now just for $4.45/year (and Save Huge).

Let me know what do you think about this GlobeHost Review. Is there any other web hosting service provider like GlobeHost? Or may be you are a bit confused and want to ask me regarding this post by leaving a Quick Comment below.

Subhabrata Kasyapi

2 thoughts on “GlobeHost Review: The Best Budget Hosting for Beginners (2017 Version)”

  1. Awesome Subhabrata!! I was looking for that kind of article. Thanks for being so transferent. It will help me and many to take right decision. Thanks again. Please come up with that type of articles.

  2. Thanks Moumita.

    I am happy to know that you have found this article helpful.

    Stay in touch.

    More awesome reviews are about to come.




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