My 7-Point Checklist for Risk Free Blogging Investment (Evergreen)

I have mentioned in my previous post that how I have lost $47 with an almost fraud company. After that loss, I have decided to prepare a Checklist for Risk Free Blogging Investment for myself as well as my readers so that the genuine content creators like you and I can save ourselves from that kind of mishaps from the next time on wards.

My Checklist contains only 7-Points organized in a fully actionable way.

If you go through my Risk Free Blogging Investment Checklist step-by-step, I am pretty sure that the chance of wasting your hard earned money will be minimized to its least.

Now from here the checklist goes on:

1. Jot Down Your (Actual) Requirements:

Writing Hand

This step is crucial and often overlooked by most of the newbie bloggers.

But I do not want to let you make the same mistake that others often do being almost unaware of what they are doing or, about to do.

In this step, outline all of your current requirements and expectations from your blog.

For example, if you are inspired to design and function your own blog like this one, you may need some of the following tools and services:


lots of other Power Tools.

2. Find the Best Options:


Once you are all set with your Actual Requirements, it is time do some medium to deep research for the best options those are able to serve your purpose.

It is important because that DIY Research will give you the immense practical knowledge to survive at your best in accordance with the latest trends in the blogging world.

For example, if you are serious about (and you should be) Keyword Research, you may want spend a few bucks either on SEMRush or, on Long Tail Pro or, you may go for both.

However, depending on your niche, investing on Long Tail Pro may give you better result than that with SEMRush and vice-versa.

This is where the importance of DIY Research comes in to the play.

You will generally come with 2 or 3 best products or services after the DIY Research mentioned above.

Once done, proceed to next step, simply.

3. Arrange Sufficient Money As Per Your Budget:

Now you have the idea about 2-3 best products and services those can serve your purpose.

And I also assume that you have collected their pricing details and terms of use as well from their respective websites.

If not, please do the same before proceeding further.

I can wait:-)

Once done, find out the single most product or, service that gives you the best value of money.

Further refine your finding for the best plan (if it have multiple pricing plans) of that particular product or service that gives you the best value for money.

For example, when I started this blog, I have gone through several Web Hosting Companies like BlueHost, HostGator, GoDaddy, GlobeHost, etc.

While all of those web hosting companies are in the business for several years and offer the most affordable hosting services to their clients, however, all of them were for me at that time.

I have found GlobeHost to be the most affordable among them.

Their Web Hosting Packages start with as low as $4.45/Year.

And yes, you can install WordPress all of their Packages with just a Single Click.

It is hard to believe.


Go through the Screenshot below to see it yourself.

GlobHost Webhosting Plans (


Once I found the company GlobeHost is my place to go for hosting, I inquired further for their best plans for my hosting needs which can be affordable and full of features.

Finally I have found their Unlimited Plan (for just $20/Year) will be the best for me.

Find the screenshot below:

GlobHost Webhosting Unlimited Plans (

In this way, you will also find the best of the best product or service as per your blogging requirements.

Now its your time to arrange the required money for that product or, service.

4. Check for Their Customer Support Arrangement:

Customer Support

Once you have pin-pointed the right product or service for investing upon for the betterment of your blog and also arranged the required money for buying that product or taking that service, it is now your time to be wise enough to make risk free blogging investment.

To do this,

  • A. Visit the respective website.
  • B. Ask a Pre-Sale Support Question or, Ticket on their site.
  • C. Call them to ask another simple Pre-Sale Question.


Seems time wasting?

Absolutely not.

I have mentioned in my previous post that they did not care to reply my pre-sales questions and I did not care to prevent myself from buying their product.

As a result I lost $47 almost instantly which could be saved for buying something better in future.

So I humbly requesting you my friend to take the pain before making a payment in order not to regret later.

Once you have done all of these steps successfully, now think how much satisfied you are with their Pre-Sale Interactions with you.

If you are fully satisfied, proceed to next step.

5. Get Engaged with Them (Socially):

Social Media

Now it is time to get yourself familiar with their social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.

Most genuine businesses will love to have you on their social networking sites.

Engaging with them through their social networking sites is beneficial for both of you.

As the company will get a chance to show you their genuine interest for doing a long lasting business with you and you also get a chance to know the company better which you are going to put your money with.

Apart from those obvious benefits, you can also save a few bucks with the Discount Coupons, Offers and Best Deals Companies Post in to their Social Networking Profiles time to time to keep their clients engaged and pampered up.

Hope you got my signal here 🙂

6. Check a Few Technical Aspects (Before Payment):


This one is your last but one step before making the payment and enjoy the expected product or service.

However, this step is extremely valuable towards your risk free blogging investment.

That is why I strongly recommend you to check a few Technical Aspects of the seller of the product or service that you are going pay for.

And you should check the following before making the final payment to the vendor.

  • Check for Online Reviews: Read a few Reviews of the Product or Service done by experts.
  • Real Customers Testimonials: Testimonials speak a lot about the actual product or service.
  • Look for HTTPS and PadLock Icon: Never do any transaction without checking for the “https//” and PadLock Icon at the left corner of your Payment Page Browser Address Bar.
  • Look for Refund/Money Back Guaranty: Most genuine businesses give Refund/Money Back Guaranty, if for any reason, you do not love their product or service even after making payment for the same.


Once you are finally satisfied with all of the checks given above, it is now the time to bring your Credit Card out from your Wallet.

7. Final Step for the Risk Free Blogging Investment:


This one is the final step of your Risk Free Blogging Investment.

Make it decent.

Put all of the required information in the Payment Form presented to you by the vendor, and click on the “Payment Button” to proceed.

Once you are done i.e. money debited from your Credit Card Account, generally you will get the instant access to the product or service you have just bought.

However, it may take a few minutes to get the desired access depending upon your vendor.

Once you are granted the required access with, start learning and using the all new product or service that has been designed to give your blog a boost.


Risk Free Blogging Investment is simply not just a myth.

It is easily possible.

It this post I have revealed my personal strategies I have recently developed to keep my blogging investments free from the risks, at least as much as I can.

However, I have done my best to make this checklist error free, but there might have some rooms for betterment, too.

If you think I have missed something or, you are feeling a bit confused with these steps mentioned here, kindly let me know your thoughts by leaving a quick comment below.

See you in the next post.

Subhabrata Kasyapi

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