Part-Time Blogging Schedule: A MUST for Part-Time Bloggers (Updated for 2016)

If you are a student or, a working professional who wants to start his or her first blog, this Part-Time Blogging Schedule is just for you, my friend.

Days are gone when people used to write blog posts just to share their thoughts.

Now everyone is interested in taking blogging as a decent business or, at least a good source of some Passive Income.

And fortunately, nothing is wrong with it.

People like Harsh Agarwal, Neil Patel, Pat Flynn and lots more are earning huge just from their blogs in a completely legal and transparent way.

So why should not we?

Especially, if we have what it takes to be successful professional bloggers within ourselves.

Let’s admit it.

Most of us now want to start and grow our blogs for getting that freedom and simplicity in the lives that a job (i.e. working for others) can not give us.


But we know,

In the case of blogging, that price is actually several sacrifices – big or, small.

Limitations of Starting as A Full-Time Blogger:

Limitations of Part-Time Blogging

If you want to be a Full-Time Blogger, you have to treat your blog as your Full-Time Job.

The only difference here is, you are working for yourself and getting full exposure to show your talent in front of the whole world.

Nice! Na?

But here is the catch.

For example, if you are a student, you can not (and should not) become a full-time blogger.

If you do so, you will simply be responsible for down gradation in academics as well as several other aspects of your future life.

The same is also true for a full-time working professional.

If he or, she suddenly leaves the Day Job to work as a full-time blogger, soon he or she will start suffering from that decision.

Because the expense of maintaining an average blog is quite high for many people who do not have a steady stream of income from anything other than a job.

The Significance of Starting Part-Time Blogging:

Significance of Part-Time Blogging

We are now aware of the risks involved in starting as a full-time blogger.

They are reasonably valid.

So what should we do?

Should we stop chasing our dreams and compromise our passion in order to work for others and not for ours?

The answer is A Big NO.

I think,

So, we have to be a little tricky to overcome this catch.

We have to apply a Combined Solution to fix this issue safely, instantly.

This calls for a method called, “Part-Time Blogging

You may or may not have heard the term, “Part-Time Blogging” before.

But trust me,

In this case, you can keep your day-job if you are a working professional or, concentrate on your study and career if you are pursuing an academic or, any special full-time course.

All you need to know here is how to balance between your full-time job (or, study) and part-time blogging.

This is where a Part-Time Blogging Schedule comes extremely useful.

In the rest of this post, I am going to show you how to make your personal Part-Time Blogging Schedule with a very simple step-by-step approach that will work for you.

How to Make a Part-Time Blogging Schedule:

In order to prepare your (very) own part-time blogging schedule, you have to first thoroughly observe your current schedule.

It will be easier for you if you already have a written weekly routine.

But do not worry if you do not have one already.

We will prepare one together right away.

Step-1: Writing Down Your Current Weekly Schedule:

Weekly Schedule

As the heading itself implies, you have to take a pencil and a piece of paper to jot down your complete weekly schedule.

You can, however, skip this step if you already have a written weekly schedule and jump directly to next step.

It may take a few minutes to a few hours depending upon your weekly schedule complexity.

But never give up and stay focused to finish it accurately.

Because it is going to be the foundation of your part-time blogging schedule.

Step-2: Finding/Creating Time Gaps in Your Weekly Schedule:

Find Gap in Weekly Schedule

Another simple step.

In this step, you have either to find a few time gaps for doing part-time blogging or, to create some of them in your weekly schedule.

It is simple.

Find out all of your “Not So Important” activities. Be extremely honest with yourself here.

Simply cut them off as much as you can. You will get a few vacant time-blocks

You will get a few vacant time-blocks without hampering your work or, rest time.

For instance, you can reduce your Television Time to just 30 minutes a day from that 2 hours daily.

Now, fill those vacant time-blocks with “Blogging Activities”.

In this way, you have created time for your Part-Time Blogging without hampering your full-time activities.

Step-3: Specify Your Part-Time Blogging Schedule:

Specify Schedule

You can consider this step as the master step of your journey in the making of your part-time blogging schedule.

In the previous steps, we have assigned time-blocks for blogging tasks.

In this step, we are going to become more disciplined about our part-time blogging routine.

What it means is we have to be ultra-specific here about at which time we will perform which blogging task.

A successful blogging involves many tasks taking from Keyword Research to Maintaining Accounts and so on.

You have to handle most of those tasks alone as a part time blogger within the stipulated time frame.

It is NOT so easy.

I know.

But it is also true that,

So you have to take care of those tasks in a disciplined manner and as per your preference in this step.

For example, if you plan to publish a post on every Monday, you can plan to start Keyword Research for the same on previous Tuesday.

Hope you get my point correctly.

However, we will go further with this in the next step because it is crucial.

Step-4: Polishing Your Part-Time Blogging Schedule:

In this step, we will dig deeper with task allocation in our part-time blogging routine.

To make things easier, I am going to show you my own Part-Time Blogging Schedule when I was doing a Full-Time Job.

I used to publish a new post on my first blog (it’s down as I’m redesigning it now) on every Monday. That’s only once a week.

And I’d to devote almost 80 hours a week for my job (including commutation time from home).

So I was unable to give more than 12 hours a week for my first blog.

My the then Part-Time Blogging Schedule was something like that:

Part-Time Blogging Schedule Personal Template

Hope you have got a clear idea by now about making your Part-Time Blogging Schedule.

Step-5: Battle Testing Your Part-Time Blogging Plan:

Battle Test

This one is the final step.

Once you have prepared your Part-Time Blogging Schedule, you must need to “Battle Test” the same to check if it is working for you or, not.

To do this, simply give your blog and your Part-Time Blogging Plan at least 30-Days of “Trial Period”.

In this period, give your best to your blog maintaining the schedule seriously.

After 30-Days, check your performance using these three parameters.

  • Quality and Number of Posts: Check if you are happy with them or, not.
  • Full-Time Job Proficiency: Find out if you were able to do it properly.
  • Satisfaction: Are you overall satisfied with all these  or, feeling them overwhelming?


Remember, you have to be extremely honest while answering the questions to yourself as mentioned above.

If you find any serious negativity in the answers, you need either to implement some tweaks (tiny changes) in your Part-Time Blogging Plan or, change it completely.

The bottom line is, you have to make your Part-Time Blogging Plan work for you.


I have shown you how to make your own Part-Time Blogging Schedule using an easy to follow the 5-Step process.

Now, it is your turn to follow those steps one by one and implement the strategies shown there to make your own Part-Time Blogging Plan.

Do not afraid to do experiment with different plans as only you can create and implement the best possible plan to make your Part-Time Blogging Journey Successful.

If you found this post helpful, do share it with others who might find it useful, too.

They will thank you later.

And of course, let me know what do you think about this Part-Time Blogging Plan by making a quick comment below.

You can ask me any blogging question.

I will be happy to reply you personally.

Good Luck.

Subhabrata Kasyapi

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  2. Nice post I really loved your part time blogging schedule which shows that your were indeed really serious about blogging.


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