5 Excellent Ways to Motivate Your Remote Team (Even If You Never Done It Before)

You must know the ways to motivate your remote team, if you want to get the most out of them.

The digital revolution in recent decades has opened a true treasure chest of opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs and business leaders of the world.

One of them is the ability to seamlessly lead, oversee, and cultivate a strong remote team from anywhere on the globe with the use of a laptop and some comprehensive software.

Yes, the digital office space is a real thing, and a growing number of entrepreneurs are opting to cut overheads and attract global talent to their companies by simply eliminating the need to have a physical workplace.

That said, there are several inherent drawbacks, or rather, problems that can arise if you fail to master virtual leadership, so let’s take a look at some excellent ways for you to motivate your remote team and build a thriving 21st-century brand.

In this post, I have discussed about a few easy to implement (and cost efficient) ways to motivate your remote team.

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1. Keep the Money Rolling In:

When you ask your potential employees why they want to work in your company instead of somewhere else, they are most likely going to telling you a well-prepared story about how they relate to your brand’s values.

In reality, what they would love to tell you is that they have bills to pay and would like to put in the time in exchange for money.

Simple as that.

So, your No.1 priority as a good business leader should be to pay your remote workers well, and pay them regularly.

When people are working beside you, they can trust you that the money will come sooner or later.

But when you have employees working from faraway locations, you can’t risk them getting nervous about their paychecks.

This is why you want to ensure you will not only keep the money rolling into their bank accounts regularly, but also that they will be adequately rewarded as well.

2. Build Leadership through Guidance and Support:

As a leader of a 21-century brand, you have a challenging task ahead of you.

Not only are you responsible for the direction your brand will take in the competitive market, but you also have the burden of being everyone’s go-to guy.

While you shouldn’t be anyone’s babysitter, you should portray yourself as the trustworthy, supportive leader everyone needs.

After all, your employees will be constantly turning to you for motivation and guidance, and you should always make yourself available to answer their problems, doubts, and worries.

This way, you will not only build a positive company culture, but you will also help your employees do a stellar job.

3. Organize Frequent Get-Togethers:

A company with a remote team that doesn’t get together every once in a while cannot hope to boost its retention rate or build the company culture needed to drive a growth-oriented brand towards long-term success in the industry.

And you know how hard it is to retain top talent nowadays with a great job opportunity presenting itself at every corner.

This is where Australian entrepreneurs make all the right decisions, so take note.

In the Land Down Under, companies with remote teams make sure to organize frequent get-togethers in their coworking space in Sydney and other business hubs in the country, in order to boost team cohesion, trust, and loyalty to the brand.

Following this mindset, you want to invite your team members to a co-working office in your area where you can not only do work together, but connect on a deeper level and build a truly passionate work collective.

4. Reward Them for a Job Well Done:

There are numerous ways you can reward your employees for a job well done, and boosting their salary is just one of them.

First off, understand what you expect to achieve by rewarding members of your team.

If greater motivation and zeal is what you’re after, then money alone won’t be able to cut it.

Yes, money is a huge motivator, but at some point people just want more.

They want to feel appreciated, they want you to understand their needs and aspirations.

This is why along with cash rewards, gift cards, additional vacation days, and encouraging words of praise, you want to understand the modern employee’s need for personal progress.

5. Allow Their Careers to Flourish:

The modern employee needs to have goals in life, both personally and professionally.

You can help them define their goals by offering continuous education and progress under the financial and logistical support of your brand.

Not only will this create a deeper bond with them, but by allowing them to master new skills, your company will also be able to grow more efficiently and effectively down the road.

So if you think about it, it’s a win-win.

Keeping a remote team interested, satisfied, and goal-oriented is not an easy task in such an opportune career environment that is the global job market.

If you want to attract top talent in the industry and create a passionate employee collective, you will have to motivate them in the ways of a true entrepreneur.

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In this post, I have mentioned a few easy to implement yet powerful ways to motivate your remote team.

If you have a remote team to work with, you probably know the importance of keeping your remote team motivated about you (as their leader) and your business.

So it is time to take action and choose one or, more ways to motivate your remote team in order to boost your team productivity.

Finally, please share this post with your beloved ones. They will thank you later. It takes just a few seconds.

Now, tell me what do you think about the ways to motivate your remote team mentioned here. Or may be you already take a few different ways to motivate your remote team in your workplace.

Either way, share your thoughts with me by leaving a quick comment below.

I’d love to hear from you and reply your comment personally.

This was a Guest Post by Lauren Wiseman.

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