A $47 Mistake: I Have Made That You Should Avoid (Using Your Common Sense)

I am going to share my recent mistake in this post that costs me $47 for nothing.

I know $47 is really a small amount to consider.

But the mistake I made, was NOT so small.

It was a huge one.

Let’s get straight to the point.

Here’s Why:

If you are in the field of online marketing business for a while, you probably know that:

And that’s absolutely true.

That is why you and I both know the value of an optimized E-Mail List for getting better financial results with Online Marketing.

And 99% of White-Hat EMail List Building starts with Optin Forms where people willingly give you permission to use their E-Mail Addresses for promoting your Blog/Website.

There are various WordPress Plugins those are capable enough to create beautiful EMail Optin Forms for Blogs and Websites.

Some of them are Free and some of them are Paid.

I am not against of the Free Plugins; in fact I support them morally since they open the doors of professional blogging for many low budget talented bloggers.

But this is also a fact that the Latest Features, Support and Customization Options for Free Plugins are really very limited.

And here the Paid Plugins comes into the play.

Paid Plugins offer Latest Features, Professional Support and a Higher Level of Customization Options which make them absolutely Industry Ready.

But the Pricings of all the same category Paid Plugins are NOT always the same in accordance with their features, supports and others options.

Some plugins are based on “One-Time Payment” while some works on “Monthly Subscription Plans“.

Here’s How I Commit that Mistake:

As an Ethical Blogger, I assume that it is my duty to find out the best plugins at most affordable prices.

I personally prefer the “One-Time Payment” System.

Although the Up-Front Costings in the “One-Time Payment” System is pretty much higher than that of the “Monthly Subscription” System, but first one definitely beats up the second one in the long run.

I am using OptinMonster (which is doing really very well) to collect EMail Addresses from my readers of this blog.

But unfortunately, there is no option to buy this plugin for a “One-Time Payment”, currently.

That makes me bound to search for such an EMail Optin Plugin that have all the features of OptinMonster (I don’t have any problem with more features :-)) and comes for a “One-Time Payment” as well.

And I met: “OptinLinks“.

It offers Unlimited Personal uses just for a “One-Time Payment” of $47.

OptinLink Support Pricing Table (www.ethicalblogging.com)

I found it pretty cool.

Wasn’t it?

Ya. It was.

I was almost self-convinced to buy (better “grab”) that plugin immediately.

But before making the payment, I thought it would be cool enough to check their Support System.

They’re offering Support through Freshdesk (which I use for some of my other ventures).

So I simply created a Support Ticket there and awaited their response for more than 48 hours.

But there was no response from them.

However, when I checked for the Status of my Support Ticket manually, I found that it was “Being Processed“.

OptinLink Support Tickets Unanswered (www.ethicalblogging.com)

Having seen this, my common sense told me not to pay for that plugin with such a poor support system.

But I neglected my common sense and its warnings.

I simply bought that plugin for $47.

And that was a big mistake.

After purchasing that plugin, I installed the same on one of my test sites.

Unfortunately, the plugin was not working properly and I was in a urgent need for support from that plugin company.

So I rose another support ticket.

My previous support ticket was still in a “Being Processed” state.

Being a bit frustrated I have searched a few forums and overall internet for help regarding this.

And I came to a conclusion that the guys behind that plugin offer no support, no update just after getting the money from the customers like you and I.

OptinLink Support Forum (www.ethicalblogging.com)

You can read the full thread here.

And finally I realized that I have lost my hard earned $47 for that stupid plugin.

I consider this as I have paid that price off for neglecting my common sense.


I have shared this with you just to warn about this kind of incidents.

Never underestimate your common sense before making any deal final.

I have already prepared a Preventive Checklist for Risk Free Blogging Investment to make sure this kind of incidents do not happen to any of us again.


What do you think about it? Did you ever become a victim of such an incident?

Share your thoughts with me (and also with thousands of our loyal readers) by leaving a quick comment below.

Subhabrata Kasyapi

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