7 Secrets of Monetizing Your Blog by Selling Advertising Space (Updated)

Do you want to monetize your blog by selling advertising space and get fully paid in advance?

If yes, then this post is just for you.

In this post I will be sharing my 7 top secret strategies that are proven to work in 2016.

If you implement them correctly, you can easily earn hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars each and every month just by selling advertisement space on your blog.

But before we dig deep into the topic directly, I strongly recommend you to read about some other ways to make money from your blog.

Because monetizing your blog by selling advertising space require a little more effort and a patience.

It is not one among the “Get Rich Quick” methods.

However, in this case, higher ROI is almost guaranteed.

So what are the benefits of this method?

Let me brief them for you.

Benefits of Selling Advertising Space on Your Blog:


  • You will get fully paid well in advance.
  • You have full control over the Ads.
  • You can earn money securely.
  • You can focus more on your blog.
  • You can get higher revenues.
  • No third-party deduction.
  • Opportunity to build Good Relationships with Clients and

lots more…..

When should You think About it?

Right Time

This one is a bit tricky.

There are a right time and a wrong time to start or end almost everything.

For example, if you want to be a High-School Graduate, it would not be a right time to take admission in a High School when you are working full time for a reputed company.

As doing so can harm both of your job and education.

Similarly, you should not leave your study (for nothing) just after a few months of taking admission in a High-School.

The same is true for the case of monetizing your blog by selling advertising space too.


Doing so will keep you safe from uncertainty.

I recommend you to start selling advertising spaces on your blog when you are getting at least a few thousand visitors daily.

Before that you should concentrate on your blog overall quality and traffic.

Once you have started getting a few thousand visitors daily for your blog, you should think about monetizing your blog with direct advertisement.

Here is how to do it (in a simple step-by-step manner):

1. Know Your Blog (Very Well) and Collect Stats:


In this step, you have to know your blog very well in a Data Driven Way.

This is essential for success.

Unfortunately, people often do not take care of this absolutely first step first.

But I do not want to let you make the same mistake.

Take a Plain Notebook or use Evernote to note the following about your blog.

  • Ideal Reader Persona.
  • Daily and Monthly (unique) Visitors.
  • Page Views.
  • Organic Traffic Percentage.
  • Bounce Rate.
  • Domain Authority (Read This)
  • Main Focus Keywords of Your Blog.
  • Social Media Strengths.
  • E-Mail List Size.
  • Demographic Data.
  • Alexa Ranking.
  • Search Engine Page Rank.
  • Blank Advertisement Spaces on Your Blog.


Collecting all those information about your blog may take a few hours of your specious time.

But trust me, it is worth every single second you spend on it.

However, if you are extremely low on time or do not want to make your hands dirty with the technical stuffs, you may consult with a blogging professional for getting all these things done for you.

2. Create a Dedicated Advertisement Page:


Once you have collected all the data about your blog as mentioned above, it is now your time for creating a Special Advertisement Page on your blog with the help of those data collected from your blog.

In this page you have to communicate with your potential advertising clients about what (exactly) you are going to offer them in return of their money.

Simply put, in this page, you have to give your would be advertising clients enough reasons (as much as you can, ethically) to spend money with your blog.

For example, you might consider to include the following things in this page.

  • A Short and Sweet Introduction of Your Blog.
  • Strengths of Your Blog (backed up by Data).
  • Advertising Options Available.
  • Pricing.
  • Help and Support Arrangement.
  • Payment Methods and
  • Your Terms of Service, etc.


Apart from these, your can add a few additional things like Names of Your Past and Current Clients, Testimonials, etc.

Generally, these are the basic components of a Strong and Effective Blog Advertisement Page.

If you need a few real life examples of some great Advertising Pages for your creative inspiration, you can check this link and this link in your free time.

3. Landing Your First Few Advertising Clients:


Once you have carefully completed the first two steps, it time to grab your first few advertising client.

Most newbie bloggers (even if they have decent traffic on their blogs) start trying to monetize their blogs from this step even without being prepared for the battle.

As a result, they fail, often.

But the case is not going to be the same with you, my friend, i.e. you are not going to be failed.

Because you are having the required preparation.

In this step, I will show you how to find and reach your blog advertisement prospects in a few sub-steps.

A. Spy Google AdWords:

Sounds unfamiliar?

Specially from me a.k.a an Ethical Blogger?


I am not going to show you anything illegal.

However, I am going to teach you how to use Google AdWords cleverly (and legally, of course) for your own benefit without spending a dime from your wallet.

Here is how:

  • Put your Blog’s Focus Keywords into Google Search Bar one by one and hit “Search”.
  • Observe the Top, Side and Bottom (if Any) Advertisements very carefully.
  • Take a note of the advertisers (with their Contact Details) for each and every focus keyword.


If you do all of the things I have mentioned so far, it is expected that now you have a list containing names of a few potential advertisers who are interested into giving ads related to your blog’s focus keywords.

B. Creating Custom Offers:


You read right.

In order to attract your potential clients, you must create a few Custom Offers for them.

Your offers should be irresistible in nature so that people become afraid of losing them.

While creating the custom offers, try to make sure that:

  • your offers are based on benefits.
  • your offers are affordable.
  • your offers are not over promising.
  • your offers are easy to grab.
  • your offers are instant to start.


Simply put you have to think yourself as one of your potential clients while creating custom offers for them.

This is the most economic and faster way to create custom offers that are meant for success.

C. E-Mail Outreach:

The main point of this step is to deliver your Custom Offer(s) to the E-Mail Inbox of your Potential Client(s).

That too without annoying them.

It will be better if you have a little knowledge and experience on Convincing Sales Copy Writing.

Because you have to try to convince your potential clients about the Superiorness of your offers.

Here are some tips for this:

  • Keep your outreach mail short and straight-forward.
  • Write in a Conversational Tone.
  • Let them know that you value their time.
  • Put a Know More link to your Advertisement Page.
  • A Clear Call-to-Action Button is Recommended.
  • Show your interest (genuinely) in Working with them.
  • Link your Support Page and Advertising Policies in those mails.


Apart from these you can add anything of your own you think might be helpful for your potential clients.

D. Be Patience and Work on Your Blog:

Once you are done with all the previous steps mentioned so far, it is time to be patience and work on your blog.

In this time you can concentrate on Blog Maintenance, Pending SEO Tasks, Writing Backup Posts, etc.

But do not forget to check your mails daily once in awhile.

If you get any response from your Potential Client(s), be Pro-Active to assist and support him or her for getting On-Board.

E. Be Consistent with Your Effort:

Do not make your efforts work for one time only.

Rather repeat all the steps given above smartly with consistency unless and until you get a few “Good” Clients.

From my personal experiences, you should repeat your hunt for new clients at least once in every 3 months.

However, do not forget to nurture your old clients well with great offers and discounts tailor-made especially for them.

4. Pricing and Negotiation:


In this step, we will be discussing about how to set the appropriate pricings and also how to get the best price for selling advertising spaces on your blog by doing great negotiations with your potential clients.

So calculate your running costs of the blog you want to monetise with direct advertisement and decide how much you want to get from your Direct Ad Space Selling Business.

Be realistic.

Don’t be greedy.

Once you have decided how much you want to make from your that blog, start setting the advertising space selling pricings based on the following conventional metrics.

  • Placement: Above the Fold Ads are more Expensive ones.
  • Size: Bigger Ads are more Expensive ones.
  • Others: Banner Ads are Costlier than Text Ads.


These are the main ad formats.

Apart from these there are a few more ad formats like Video Ads, Flash Ads and so on.

Decide your prices accordingly.

You can check your Competitors Pricings for getting help with this.

5. Find and Focus on Your Blog’s USP:


Once you are done with each of the steps mentioned above, it is now your time to Find and Focus on Your Blog’s USP (Unique Selling Proposition).

Let me brief the concept.

You and I both know that Selling Advertising Space is such a Lucrative Option that many bloggers, content marketers and website owners are using it vigorously to monetize their Digital Assets like Blogs, Websites, etc.

This presents numerous (and new) options in front of the Advertisers to promote their Products and Services on various Blogs and Websites.

Simply put, this field of monetizing your blog by selling advertising space is getting more and more competitive day by day.

And you already know that:

This is where the term “USP” comes into play.

You have to brainstorm to find what is/are so special and unique about your blog so that the advertisers can be interested to promote their products and services through your blog.

To do this, you have to observe your (better) competitors closely and regularly.

If you can find the “So Special Thing(s)” about your Blog or Website, Congratulations.

You have found your Blog’s USP(s).

The next step is letting your potential adverting clients know about those USPs of your Blog or Website.


What if you do not find any of them?

My answer is Super-Simple.

You have to create them.

You can do this by creating something of (better) value which most/none of your present competitors have not created already.

No matter what you create or, going to create, always focus on giving your client(s) a guaranteed higher RoI.

6. Support Arrangement:


Unlike money making with Google AdSense or Affiliate Marketing, this lucrative money making method involves Direct Client Handling.

The Success Rate of the selling advertising space business depends largely on Client Retention.

And your Clients will not stay with you if they do not find your helping hand and friendly support when they ever need.

So you must have to create a Strong, Friendly and Fast Support System to help all of your clients to make things smoother and painless for them.

Nowadays people are even ready to pay a few extra dollars for getting a Strong and Assured Supports from the companies.

You can also earn a few bucks extra just by varying the level of your support arrangements.

For example, you can charge a few dollars extra for providing Instant Live Chat Support to your clients while proving Free E-Mail Support to them with a TAT of 2-Business Days.

7. Establishing (and Keeping) Strong Relationships:


No matter who we are, what we do and how we do, at the end of day, we all are equal.


Because we all are human beings.

And our businesses are 100% human-centric.

Our businesses are made by people, run by people and done for people.




Simply because no matter how much money you invest in making the best infrastructures and even the best support system for your business, they can Fail.


Your read it right.

Even the most expensive business infrastructures can fail.

So what will you do if this happens to your selling advertising space business too?

You will be shocked at first and then start troubleshooting at your earliest.


But the bad news is most of your clients will not bother about your situation.

They will start leaving you followed by destroying your Hard-Build Social Media Reputation for your selling advertising space business.

Nothing can be worse than this especially for a growing selling advertising space business.

Here, the only way (which can save you) is to build a strong and friendly relationship with your every valuable client.

In bad days, they will understand your concern and behave like friends (and not only clients).

They will allow and appreciate your genuine effort to fix the issue(s).

That’s why,


In this post, I have shared a few secrets for getting success with your selling advertising space business.

But I have avoided “Get Rich Quick” type strategies intentionally.

Simply because they are not so sustainable.

Although you need to put some serious efforts and work hard for next few months to implement all of these strategies to get the result with these methods of selling advertising space on your blog or website, but that hard work will really pay you off, later.

So I recommend you to get motivated and start working on these methods to monetize your blog or website permanently.

And the Best Time is Now.

Do not hesitate to share this post with your friends and beloved ones who can be benefited from this post.

And let me know which of the given methods work best for you and also feel free to ask me anything regarding this by leaving a quick comment below.

Subhabrata Kasyapi

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