What is Domain Authority and How to Improve it? (in Just 5 Actionable Steps)

Domain Authority (D.A.) is a Website Metric (on a 100-Point Scale) developed by Moz to determine a Website’s PageRank.

Generally, you can expect better Organic Search Results from the Websites and Blogs with Higher Domain Authority.

Not only that.

Sites having higher Domain Authorities enjoy a lots of advantages over their competitors having Lower Domain Authorities.

Benefits of Sites having Higher Domain Authority:

Benefits of Higher Domain Authority

  • Higher PageRank.
  • Better position in SERP.
  • Better chances to get more Clients.
  • Increase in Sales (and hence the revenue).
  • Better Networking Chance and

lots more are there.

That is why, it is extremely essential for you to improve the Domain Authority of your Blog or Website.

In this article, I have compiled 5 easy (and completely actionable) strategies for improving the D.A. of your site.

Try to implement all of those strategies mentioned below to get the best result.

1. Make Your Technical SEO Perfect:

Domain Authority Perfect

First thing first.

Making your Technical SEO perfect (or almost perfect) is extremely important before working on Domain Authority Improvement.

If you are new to Technical SEO or just curious about it, here is a recommended reading for you:

Read: What is SEO: Why Do Your Blog Need It?

According to Moz, in order to improve your Technical SEO, you have to take (complete) care of all the SEO aspects including the Site Structure, Navigability, Breadcrumbs, URL Structure, Meta Tags, Header Tags, Word Count, Alt Tags, Meta Description, Keywords, Subheadings, etc.

These are deeply dependent on each other in a killer combo of Technical SEO aspects.

So make sure you have brushed up your Technical SEO before proceeding to the next steps towards a higher Domain Authority for your blog or website.

You can do most of the things mentioned here manually.

But you have to depend on Guesswork sometimes if you want to do all things alone.

I am talking especially about “Keyword Research


In this case, this tool and this tool can really help you.

2. Create Lots of Linkable, Likable and Shareworthy Contents:


Creating high quality contents in a regular interval is very very much important.

But you and I both know that it is Not So Easy.

It requires full dedication, self-motivation and an extreme level of self-discipline.

But trust me, it really pays off in the long run.

You have to create an Information Rich (for more links), Inspiring (for more likes) and Interesting (for more sharing) content in order a improve your Domains Authority.

Contents directly affect your blogs and it is now confirmed by Moz, himself.

3. Mind your Internal Link Building:


Properly structured Internal Links significantly help you to improve your the DA of your blog or website.

Unfortunately many newbie bloggers often overlook the extensive possibilities of Internal Link Building.

If you are not sure what internal link building is, let me brief the concept to you.

In this post, in the first point where I have discussed about solidifying your Technical SEO, I have also recommended you to read: “What is SEO: Why Do Your Blog Need It?


I hope you have probably gone through it, already.

You have seen that it was nothing but another high quality post in the same site.

Again, in that post you will also find a few links to another relevant posts within this site (same site).

These all are the examples of live Internal Links.

A site with a well thought Internal Link Building strategy helps its readers to gain proper and complete knowledge about its topics.

It also helps Search Engines to Crawl (and Index) that particular site in a more systematic and effective way.

So search engines love this kind of sites more than those with no internal links.

Whereas a site with proper internal links is considered as a solid and unbreakable site.

This kind of strong sites often get higher Domain Authority.

4. Regularly Remove Toxic (Bad) Back Links:


This one is very important.


Back links play a significant role in getting (or losing) Domain Authority of a site.

However, all back links are not same.

Some back links are Boons for a site to give it higher Domain Authority, where as some back links can be considered as Curses to a great website or blog.

You should try to get rid of them immediately.

Because they can break your business.

For example, if your site is about Kids’ Computer Education and if kids find a Porn Link on your site, can you imagine what will happen to your site and its reputation?

So be extremely careful about back links and especially about bad or toxic back links.

I have already scheduled a separate post on how to deal with toxic or bad back links on this blog.

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5. Be Patience:


If you have gone through all the steps I have mentioned above so far, it is time to implement them as per your preference.

Include them in your On-Going Blog Maintenance Routine.

Apart from those mentioned above, another DA affecting factor is Domain Age.

Generally the older the Domain, the better its chance to get higher Domain Authority.

Useful Link: Click here to check your site’s Domain Age.

As you start doing content marketing keeping the points mentioned above, your Domain Authority will gradually increase with time.

It takes time.

So be patience.

SEO does not become successful overnight.

It becomes successful over the long haul.


You can find several other posts on how to improve your Domain Authority over the internet.

Some of them are even better than this one.

As I have written this post for the beginners.

I encourage you to read some of them if you want to know more.

But the main thing is that you can not improve your Domain Authority just by making some little changes on your site.

Rather you have to see the Bigger Picture of SEO in order to win the SEO Battle.

Now please let me know if you have got anything to ask me regarding this by making a quick comment below.

I will be happy to answer you personally.

And of course, do not forget to share this post among others if you find this one really helpful.


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