9 Traits of Super Successful Bloggers (and How to Implement Them for Your Success)

Do you know there are some common traits in the super successful bloggers?

Or alternatively, there are some traits that make bloggers like you and me super successful like Daren Rowse, Neil Patel and lots more.

I have been studying about the traits of the super successful bloggers for last few months.

And I have found some common traits of them.

Today, I am going to share with you about the Top 9 Traits (and Sub-Traits) of a few Super Successful Bloggers from around the world.

I’ll also share my personal tips on how to duplicate (and implement) them in your regular blogging strategy in a completely actionable and step-by-step manner.

Trust me, they will surely help you to get better results out of your content marketing journey.

So let’s get started.

1. They Start Right:

Traits of Super Successful Bloggers Start Right Image (www.ethicalblogging.com)

To be successful and get a better place, it is really vital to start right.

And the super successful bloggers just do this.


  • They Match Their Talents: It means they have a clear idea about their talents (and weaknesses). They match their talents with their blogging even before they get started.
  • They Do Niche Research Right: They take their “Niche Research” very seriously. Generally, they choose such niches for starting their blogs that are evergreen, have huge income potentials and match their talents.
  • They Plan: Once they find their niches, they start planning. Because they do not want to see their blogs to fail. And yes, although their make plans flexible, but they often do not leave things without plans.


Here is how you can “Start Right” too:


Note down your talents, interests and weaknesses first. For example, let’s say you have interests in Nutrition and Football.


Now Google for each of your interests to find out the most profitable and awesome niche for you start a blog. You can, however, free to start as many blogs as you want on different topics of your choice.


Once you have done (and satisfied with) your niche research, just prepare a well thought plan for your blog. Do not start your blog without a proper planning in order to save yourself from failure.

Special Bonus: Download My Advanced Blog Business Planning Guide [Free] to make your plan future proof.

If you need any help to do this, simply leave a quick comment below and I’ll help you personally.

2. They Invest Wisely (and Maintain Books):

Traits of Super Successful Bloggers Invest Wisely Image (www.ethicalblogging.com)

Professional Blogging is nothing less than a Business.

In fact, it is a Real (and One of the Most Profitable) Business.

And you probably know that:

The most successful content marketers know this very well from the very first day of their blogging business.

And therefore

They invest in good domain, hosting, themes and other related services in order to make their blogs successful.

They also re-invest a portion of their revenues to grow their blogs at a steady pace.

And finally, they don’t invest their fortunes just for one blog only.

They prefer to invest in multiple blogs.

But they don’t just invest wisely.

They also maintain their Books properly.

Here is how can you do the same too:


Be mentally prepare to invest a few bucks in your blogging business and put some money aside just for blogging investment.


List down (and do invest in) all the things you will need to start your blog properly. I have already listed a few tools that can help you to start invest wisely.


Once you start earning from your blog, try to re-invest a solid portion of your revenue for the growth of that blog. For example, you can invest in hiring writers, using professional tools and lots more.


As I said above, you should not invest much just for a single blog. Instead, you should diversify your blog investments. Successful bloggers do this.


Start maintaining your Books (of Accounts) properly from the day one or even before. You can use a simple Pen and Paper to do this.

If you need any help to do this, simply leave a quick comment below and I’ll help you personally.

3. They Don’t Procrastinate:

Traits of Super Successful Bloggers Procastination Image (www.ethicalblogging.com)

This is one of the most common traits of the successful bloggers.

They hate procrastination.

They just do it.

However, they also take the time to brainstorm and plan the things well in advance.

But once the planning and the execution strategy are done, they do not anymore.

They start taking the required actions.

Because they value their time.

Here is how to do this:


Develop a new “Doer” mentality from the old “Wisher” thinking.


Brainstorm and plan the things for betterment of your blogs.


Develop a solid Action Plan on how to execute your plans.


Just start taking (massive) action. Don’t wait for the perfect moment to come.

If you need any help to do this, simply leave a quick comment below and I’ll help you personally.

4. They’re Highly Disciplined (and Committed):

Traits of Super Successful Bloggers Discipline Image (www.ethicalblogging.com)

Successful bloggers are highly disciplined.

And most of them work from home.


Because they are highly disciplined.

They are fully committed towards their blogging business.

These traits help them greatly to achieve the success.

Here is how to be disciplined and committed towards your blogging business.


Be committed towards success. This is the first thing you need to get that level of success you always dream about.


Prepare and follow a routine for your blogging business. For example, schedule a fixed time for writing and reading, essential maintenance, follow ups and everything else.


Start writing everyday. No matter how many words you write. But you must write everyday.


Set up some realistic short, mid and long term blogging goals from different perspective. For example your short term goal can be to publish at least 3 posts a week, while your mid and long term goals can be to have 1000 Facebook Page Likes over next 180 days and 10,000 E-Mail Subscribers within the first year, respectively.


You are the most important asset of your blog. So you must have to take care of yourself. You can do this by spending more time with your family members, taking proper food and required rest.

If you need any help to do this, simply leave a quick comment below and I’ll help you personally.

5. They Promote Hard:

Traits of Super Successful Bloggers Promotion Image (www.ethicalblogging.com)

Successful bloggers never afraid of promoting their contents.

In fact,

Here is why.

  • It gives them more traffic.
  • They get more exposure.
  • Their revenue gets higher.
  • They gain better authority.
  • It gives them more “connections”.
  • They can help more people.
  • It earns back-links for their blogs.

and lots more.

They promote their contents through every possible channels.

But they don’t just share the links of their contents through their Promotional Channels.

They go beyond that (lazy) link sharing technique.

They prepare customized contents for every promotional channel (based on the original contents published on their blogs).

Here is how can you promote your contents more effectively.


Select the Promotional Channels very carefully. You may consider to promote your contents through Social Media (like Facebook, Twitter, etc.), Influencer Outreach, Offline (Your Business Card, Leaflet, etc.) and many other channels.


Prepare customized contents for each and every promotional channels. For example, create unique video clips for YouTube Promotion.


Once you are done with the previous steps, use some smart sharing solutions like Buffer, HootSuite, etc. to schedule your contents for sharing.


Do some offline promotions also. For example, tell your friends and family members about your work and encourage them to visit (and comment on) your blogs once in a while. You can also develop a 30-Sec (or less) Elevator Pitch for your blogs. These are really effective for blog promotion.


You can also organize a Special Events about your blog (Offline or, Online or, Both) occasionally. For example, you can celebrate your Blog’s Best Milestones with your readers and other interested people.

If you need any help to do this, simply leave a quick comment below and I’ll help you personally.

6. They Show Up, Connect, Travel (and Help):

Traits of Super Successful Bloggers Event Image (www.ethicalblogging.com)

This one is another self-explanatory common trait of successful bloggers.

Almost each and every successful blogger (at least those I know) does not want to miss an important Industry Event.

They love to attend Blogging and Content Marketing Seminars, Events, Boot-camps and anything like them.

They also like to meet new people, connect with other bloggers and content marketers.

They understand the idea of being Omni-Present very well.

And Yes. Travel.

They just love to travel worldwide.

They like to live their lives as Digital Nomads.

In addition to this, the Successful Bloggers are extremely helpful.

When I started my Professional Blogging Career, I got unconditional help from various bloggers like Harsh Agarwal, Kulwant Nagi, Neil Patel and more others.

Actually, I think without having these traits, people can’t become successful in blogging and content marketing.

Here is how you can master these traits too.


List down Top-30 Successful Blogs of your Industry and get connected with the bloggers behind them via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.


Once you are connected with a few industry leaders, get (actively) engaged with them. To do this, you can Like and Share their Posts, Comment on their blogs, Appreciate their works (genuinely) and even ask their help for.

Read: How to Make a Blog Commenting Strategy that Actually Works.


Your Industry Leaders will post various Events Announcements on their blogs time to time. And often they also run Giveaways (Free or, Discounted Event Passes) for those Industry Events. Do your best to buy those discounted passes from them.


Attend as many as Industry Events you can afford. Doing so will give you more exposures. You will be able to learn new things very easily.


Always welcome people comments. And try to help anyone the best you can. This is one of the vital motives behind the Ethical Blogging.

Read: What’s Ethical Blogging?


Keep a portion of your monthly income for travelling. This is important. I personally believe in travelling for better blogging. This is why I travel many a times a year.

If you need any help to do this, simply leave a quick comment below and I’ll help you personally.

7. They Believe in Long Run:

Traits of Super Successful Bloggers Long Run Image (www.ethicalblogging.com)

Professional blogging is not a Quick Hit or Miss Game.

Successful bloggers know and understand this really very well.

Unlike most people, professional bloggers are extremely patience.

They can wait until the last.

However, they do not believe in luck.

Instead, they do believe in Smart Work.

For example, professional content marketers like to spend most of their working hours in creating better contents for their readers than to check their affiliate income accounts every now and then.

Hope you got my point.

Here is how you can become a Long Runner in Blogging.


Try hard to control your mind in order to get better focus on work that matters most.


Prepare a Daily To-Do List and be stick to it. In other words, don’t give yourself time to “Do Nothing”.


Stop checking your dashboards including Google Analytics, Facebook Insights, Affiliate Accounts etc daily. Instead, make a schedule for checking them all. For example, you can check all your dashboards every weekends.


Never give up. If your stats do not meet your expectations, try to define the exact issue and fix the same. There is (absolutely) no magic or luck factor. A professional Blog Consultancy Service can really help you in this step.

If you need any help to do this, simply leave a quick comment below and I’ll help you personally.

8. They Experiment (and Try New Things):

Traits of Super Successful Bloggers Experiment Image (www.ethicalblogging.com)

Professional bloggers love to try new things out.

And they love to perform experiments with their blogs and content marketing efforts.

Because they always strive for the betterment.

If you closely follow any successful blogger for a few days, you will surely explore this matter for yourself.

The subject of their experiment might be as minor as a few Images Compression or, as major as the whole Domain Change.

For example, the famous Productivity Coach Timo Kiander changes his blog name from “Productive Superdad” to “Smart Productive Work” a few months ago.

And I am pretty sure this big change was the result of one or more constructive experiments by Timo and his team.

So here is how you can continue experiment with your blogs too:


Find a True Purpose of your blogging experiment. For example, you may want to try something new to Increase the size of your E-Mail Subscribers List or to Boost Your SERP Ranking or something else like this.


List down, arrange (and learn how to use) the tools you need to start your new experiment right away.


Backup your blog completely and securely before trying anything new on it.


Finally, start the actual experiment and keep track of the results you are getting. If possible try a A/B Split Testing Service for making things easier.


Once done, start working on the data obtained from your experiment.


If you need any help to do this, simply leave a quick comment below and I’ll help you personally.

9. They’re Avid Readers (and Open Minded Learners):

Traits of Super Successful Bloggers Readers Image (www.ethicalblogging.com)

Almost all the successful bloggers are avid readers.

They read (or at least try to read) almost everything published in their niche.

However, they read super fast and super effectively.

Because they are super readers.

Another thing about their traits that attracts me most, is their open-mindness to learn every moment and from everyone possible.

Although they learn by themselves for most of the times from different free resources available to them, they also invest in multiple online (and offline) courses that ca help them to boost their productivity.

Here is how you can master these traits easily.


Make reading your habit. Read regularly. And don’t forget to Subscribe to your favorite blogs. Also follow your favorite authors on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.


Try to learn Speed Reading. This will save time and produce better results.


Join in different Self-Learning Platforms like UDemy, LinkedIn Learning, etc. Don’t be afraid to invest here.


Set your Learning Goals with realistic time limits. For example, you can set your learning goals to Learn One New Skill Per Month.


Practice your Old and Newly Learned Skills on real world as much as you can. For example, you can start practicing Search Engine Optimization for Images right away and track your results.

If you need any help to do this, simply leave a quick comment below and I’ll help you personally.


I have shared the most common traits of the successful bloggers in this post.

And now it is your turn to master these traits and implement them in to your blogging strategy.

In conclusion, it does not matter if you start implementing them all at once or one at a time.

It is really important that you take highest possible level of actions in order to get success faster (and consistently).

Now let me know if I’d missed something or may be you have a doubt on how to master these traits.

Either way share your thoughts with me by leaving a quick comment below.

And as always, don’t forget to share this post with your beloved ones.

See you in the next post.

Traits of Super Successful Bloggers Featured Image Credit: Pixabay
Subhabrata Kasyapi

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