9 Ultimate Tips for Generating Engaging Blog Post Ideas (Fully Revised for 2017)

Have you ever suffered from the Curse of Blank Screen? Probably Yes. If you are completely new to blogging, you can consider this as the lack of new ideas for writing a post about. Most newbie bloggers often suffer from this. It can even kill your blog, sometimes. In this post I am going to share 9 Ultimate Tips for Generating Engaging Blog Post Ideas those are fully revised for working in 2017 (and beyond).

Before going straight to the point, let’s see why is it (extremely) important to keep your blog updated with frequent posts those are ready to deliver the best possible value to its readers.

Importance of Publishing Posts on Your Blog Regularly:

Importance of Publishing Posts on Your Blog Regularly

There are numerous benefits of regular posting on your blog.

I have complied only a few of them below:

  • Higher Rank in SERP: Google and other Search Engines gives more values to Live Blogs than Dead Blogs.
  • Loyal Audience: Regularly updated blogs often get loyal audiences.
  • More Engagement: Live blogs get more engagements.
  • Better Promotion: It is easier to promote a regularly updated blog than a dead blog.
  • Higher Revenue: And more engaging blogs mean higher revenue than dead blogs.


But the main problem is that, it is not always easy to find engaging blog post ideas that will get more likes, more shares, better ranking, more comments, etc.

In a nutshell, as a Blogger,

I have compiled 9 most tried and tested methods to make the whole process of generating useful blog post ideas easier.

Although, the first 3 methods are intended for the beginners having almost no post published on theirs blogs, everyone can use these “Free Methods” to generate lovable blog post ideas for their blogs.

Let’s get started.

1. Use the Q&A Forums to Generate Excellent Blog Post Ideas:

Blog Post Ideas

Q&A Forums like Quora, Yahoo Answers, etc are often the best resources of excellent blog post ideas.

Here is a Quick Guide on how to use these Q&A Forums to generate ideas for your next blog post.

  • Step-1: Signup and Login to Quora or Yahoo Answers or any other Q&A Forum you like.
  • Step-2: Conduct a Simple Search in those Forums with your blog’s niche.
  • Step-3: Find the Most Viewed Questions there.
  • Step-4: Once you know the Most Viewed Questions in your niche, filter them out by the Current Trends. For example, if you write about Technology and found 2 most viewed Questions about Microsoft Windows 95 and Microsoft Windows 10, you should target to write about Microsoft Windows 10. Because it is more trending than the the other. Hope you got my point.
  • Step-5: Now filter the Most Viewed, Trending Questions by Number of Answers. Try to answer the least answered questions in order to minimize the competition.
  • Step-6: When you have selected a few questions based on the criterion given above, finally look for that particular question which you can answer best.
  • Step-7: Check all the existing answers to that question you are going to write answer for and find all the “gaps” in those existing answers and plan how to fill those gaps with your answer. Because

By using the methods given above you will be able to find Unlimited Post Ideas to write about.

2. Use Social Networking Sites to Find the Best Topics to Write About:

Social Networking Sites

The Social Networking Sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc are often used for fun.

However, the Smart Content Marketers use them to gather Hot Topic Ideas for their blog posts.

Here is a Quick Guide on how you can use them to generate engaging blog post ideas for your own blog.

  • Step-1: Create and Complete (Recommended) Your Profiles in the popular Social Networking Sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.
  • Step-2: Login to Your Accounts one by one.
  • Step-3: Find the Most Trending Topics based on your niche that people are talking about.


You will find multiple ideas to write about from the previous steps. Just pick the best ones you can add value to.

Another best site that helps to find post ideas is “Buzzsumo“.

But I am omitting this one for now because to get the “actual results” from it you have to pay a minimum of $79/month (billed yearly) for their Pro Plan which I think is not so affordable for the beginners.

This is the brief on how you can find blog post ideas by using social networking sites.

3. Find Great Post Ideas from Other Niche Sites:

Good Post Ideas

Looking others niche sites is one of the most easiest methods to find great blog post ideas.

But if not done correctly, this method can be dangerous for your blog.


Because it is often tempting to simply Copy the contents from other blogs and Paste or Republish them in your own blog.

Never do this. It harms everyone.

I, therefore, recommend you to

Here is a Quick Guide on How to Use (and Curate) your Competitors’ Niche Sites to generate great blog post ideas for your own blog.

  • Step-1: Make a Short & Sweet List of Your Competitors’ Blogs.
  • Step-2: Keep reading their latest and trending posts regularly.
  • Step-3: Try to find out the Pattern. For example, say 7 out of 10 blogs from your list are publishing something about “Google RankBrain” in a month interval. You can be sure that “Google RankBrain” is something “Hot” to write about.
  • Step-4: If, for any reason, you are unable to find any pattern from your listed sites, simply go with their most shared, most commented and most liked topics.


By using the methods given above, you can get hot blog topic ideas to write about, just from your competitors’ sites.

The following 6 methods are for you if your blog has a few previously published posts.

4. Use Your Blog Archive to Get Better Blog Post Ideas:

Blog Archive

Your Blog Archive is one of the Best Secret Weapons that your can use to generate better post ideas easily.

Here is a Quick Guide on how to do it.

  • Step-1: Create an Archive Page for your Blog first. For getting inspiration, you can check out Ethical Blogging Archive Page.
  • Step-2: Select the Category under which you want to publish your next post.
  • Step-3: Keep reading all the posts published previously under that category until you find some ideas to make them even better.

For example, when I looked at the Marketing and Promotion Category from Ethical Blogging Archive, I found a Post on Importance of Starting Social Media Marketing published under Marketing and Promotion Category of Ethical Blogging. When I start reading that post I found an Idea to publish another post on How to Use Facebook for Content Marketing. Hope you got my trick.

This is how you can use your Blog’s Archive Page to get a few excellent topic ideas to write about.

5. Repurpose Your Old Posts:

Repurpose Old Contents

Repurposed posts do really well when done correctly.

For getting the best results from the Repurposed Posts, we have to know what (exactly) the Repurposing is.

According to Wikipedia,

Repurposing is the process by which an object with one use value is transformed or redeployed as an object with an alternative use value.

In Professional Blogging, we can use this vary idea of Repurposing of Contents in multiple ways.

For example, we can repurpose a Text and Image based post as a Video Post or a SlideShow and something like this.

Here is a Quick Guide on How to Repurpose Old Posts of Your Blog.

  • Step-1: First, find out the best posts for repurposing. Generally “List Posts” do better.
  • Step-2: Decide the format (e.g. Video, Audio, SlideShow, etc) in which you want to Repurpose the Posts.
  • Step-3: Upgrade the Headlines and Contents of the Posts to make it ready to be repurposed.
  • Step-4: Re-create the Posts for Repurposing.
  • Step-5: Publish the Repurposed Posts with appropriate descriptions.


This is how you can publish posts on your blog by repurposing them.

6. Use the Real Problems to Create New Blog Post Ideas:

Use Problems to Find Solutions

I am sure you have faced a lots of problems when you started blogging for the first time.

And also! you are still facing lots of issues and decision making stuffs on almost a daily basis (just like me).

Some of them might be, deciding the best host (within your starting budget), deciding the best theme for your blog or even deciding the niche for write.

But you have, somehow, solved those Big Problems.

And still resolving them everyday to


Then why don’t you share the solutions with your audiences that can help some of them too?


This calls for another post on your blog.

And this one is the most Sweet, Simple and Useful method of generating engaging blog post ideas.

Here is a Quick Guide on how to do this correctly.

  • Step-1: Brainstorm and List Down the problems you have faced (and resolved) in your journey related to your niche of writing.
  • Step-2: Find out the Ideas for your next blog posts from the list.


This is how you can use your resolved issues to generate new blog post ideas.

7. Use Your (and Others) Comment Sections to Find Great Ideas:


Did you know that the Comments Sections can be a Goldmine for finding better blog post ideas?


While selecting the topic for my next blog post, I don’t overlook the comment sections of the blogs of mine and others’ as well.

And trust me, this practice has never disappointed me.

Here is Quick Guide on how to do it.

  • Step-1: Select the Category under which you want to publish your next post.
  • Step-2: Check out the Users Comments on the published posts under that category to find an idea about the next post.
  • Step-3: If you are unable to find a new idea from the comments on your own blog posts, find it out from the Comment Sections of your competitors sites.


All you need to do here is to find out the User’s Pain Points that you can heal in your next blog post.

This is how you can use the comment sections of blogs to generate new blog post ideas.

8. Find Your Next Post Idea from Webinars, Podcasts, YouTube, etc.:


You can never know where the best idea for your next blog post may come from.

Nowadays the numbers of new Webinars, Podcasts, YouTube Videos etc are increasing day-by-day.

And many professional bloggers like Darren Rowse, Neil Patel, etc are doing well with them.

So, we should not neglect these all.

Here is a Quick Guide on how to find blog post ideas from Webinars, Podcasts, YouTube Videos, etc.

  • Step-1: Attend Webinars, Listen to Podcasts or, Watch YouTube Videos related to your niche.
  • Step-2: Note down the “Gaps” (and any unanswered questions) within them.
  • Step-3: Think about the gaps you can fill positively.

And Voila! You have found the ideas for your next few blog posts.

This was the brief on how you can generate new blog post ideas from various Webinars, Podcasts or, YouTube Videos.

9. Disconnect All – Grab Ideas for Your Next Post from the Real World:


If you are still looking for great ideas for your blog posts, it is your time to bid a temporary Goodbye to your Digital World.

Ready to do it?


Welcome to the Real World.

It works for me very well.

And also! it is super-beneficial for your blog, health and mind as well.


That is why, if you are really serious about your blog and its growth, you must have to be serious about your health and mind too.

Here is a Quick Guide on how to do it.

  • Step-1: Memorise the Main Keyword(s) or, Category you want to publish a post about.
  • Step-2: Turn off your PC, Mobile(s) and any other Digital Gadgets.
  • Step-3: Go outside for a Calm Walking or a Casual Cycling. Avoid busy roads. Take a Pen & a Paper Notebook with you.
  • Step-4: When you are on the road, think about your Keyword(s)/Category lightly.
  • Step-5: Some ideas will come into your mind automatically.
  • Step-6: Stop Cycling or, Walking and note down your ideas in your Notebook.


Sometimes you can also get ideas while talking with your friends and family members, or standing in a queue or, even when you are in a trip to a place.

I, therefore, recommend you to

This was how you can get ideas for your next blog posts just from the real world.


In this post I have shared 9 Ultimate Tips for Generating Engaging Blog Post Ideas.

I am super-confident about the fact that you will certainly find new blog post ideas if you follow my strategies smartly.

You can also generate great blog post ideas from Wikipedia, Reddit, etc.

But I have omitted them from my list in order to keep things short and sweet.

However, all you need to do it to Take Action to get success.

So Bookmark this post for future reference when you need to generate new ideas for your next blog posts.

By the way, do you have a second?

Then please share this post with your beloved ones and they will thank you later.

Finally, let me know what do you do to generate new ideas for writing your posts? Or may be you have some questions about it.

Either way just share your thoughts by leaving a quick comment below.

I reply all the comments personally.

See you in the next post.

Subhabrata Kasyapi

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