Happy New Year 2018: Let’s Become More Successful in This Brand New Year (Fast)

Welcome to the first post of this Brand New Year 2018.

So, another year has been started just a few minutes ago.

A fresh year, a new year and of course, a complete year of success.

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In this welcome post, I am going to share some quick (and completely actionable) tips to make this new year 2018 a year of success for any serious blogger like you and me.

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Now, grab a cup of hot coffee, relax yourself and go through this short and sweet post.

Tip-1: Be an Investor from a Freebie Seeker:

The most common and deadly mistake the newbie and even some intermediate level bloggers make is they do not want to invest anything for their blogs.

If you are one of them, in this new year, make a promise to yourself that you will become a successful blogger even if it costs you a few bucks.

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Are on a tight budget?

Invest in the following three areas at least:

  • A Custom Domain for Your Blog
  • A Great WordPress Hosting (Like SiteGround) and
  • A Premium WordPress Theme (Like Beginner or, Divi)

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Tip-2: Design Your Blog Right:

If you are just starting your blogging journey from scratch, make sure to design your blog technically sound and visually beautiful.

However, if your blog already contains a few 50 or, 100 posts already, I strongly recommend you to do a overall blog design audit and make all the required adjustments.

You can not expect anything with a slow and poorly designed blog.

Tip-3: Create, Curate and Promote Useful Contents Consistently:

I know you have heard about this multiple times through your journey as a blogger.

But this tip is so important that none can neglect it.

Neither I could.

To be on the top of your tribe, you must Create, Curate and Promote useful contents at your best.

It really does not matter how many posts you publish weekly on your blog.

All that matter are Quality and Promotion.

However, it is strongly recommended for most of the success seeking bloggers that they update their blogs at least once in a week.

So do not be lazy to Create, Curate and Promote useful contents at your best.

Tip-4: Find Out Multiple Income Streams:

Most successful bloggers work on multiple projects.


  • it keeps their income stream consistent (and even growing).
  • they can provide more values to the society.
  • it helps to build their brands stronger.

Do whatever you can do (e.g. freelancing, etc.) legally to increase your income.

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However, be careful about doing one project at a time.

Multitasking is a often a counter-productive myth for most.

Doing so will help you to grow your income for sure.

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Tip-5: Make New Connections in This New Year 2018:

Blogging is a beautiful field, my friend.

Unlike other professional fields, experts are always ready to help the deserving people.

So, if you ever feel uncomfortable at any step of your blogging journey, do not hesitate to ask for help from the experts and your fellow blogger friends.

This is will help you in two ways mentioned below:


Hope you have enjoyed the first post of 2018.

Now, it is your time to take action and make this new year 2018 a year of success.

And yes, please share this post with your friends and leave me a quick comment below sharing your thoughts about this post.

See you in the next post.

Let’s blog ethically.

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Subhabrata Kasyapi

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