[3rd Part] Successful Blog Foundation: Step-by-Step Guide to Make it Right

Do you want to focus on a successful blog foundation this year?

Of course you do.

That is exactly why I am publishing a 4-Part Successful Blog Foundation series posts for last few days.

This one is the 3rd post of the series.

If you have missed the previous posts, in this series, you can read them anytime using the given links bellow:

In today’s post, I will be sharing some proven tips and tricks to make your blog socially right.

So let’s get started:

1. Pick the Right Social Media Platforms:

First step of a successful blog foundation that is socially right, is to pick the right social media platforms for the blog.

There are hundreds of social media platforms over the internet.

But they are different from each other.

Therefore, you need to be a little picky while setting your social media strategy that can maximize your ROI within short period of time.

Successful Blog Foundation Guide 3 Image

For example, if you are a Software Seller, then Pinterest and Instagram should not be your first choice for promoting your products.

At least when you are just starting out.

In stead, you should focus more on Facebook and Listing Sites to improve your business bottom line, quickly.

Hope you got my point here.

2. Share Contents Via Social Channels:

Once you have picked the appropriate social media for your blog, it is now your task is to post regular contents through those channels.

However, you should be utmost careful to make sure your contents are tailored to each and every social media for getting maximum output from your efforts.

To become successful in social media marketing, you need to have the three major things within your content.

They are:

  • High Quality.
  • Consistency and
  • Timeliness.

Once you master those qualities, none can prevent your success with social media, even if you pay nothing for advertisements and all.

Now, when it comes to maintain those top 3 qualities in your social media marketing strategy, it is impossible to publish new contents every now and then that are worth well for the readers’ time.

To fix this, you should start sharing stunning posts from your competitors along with your own content.

Trust me, recently my team are doing exactly the same thing as I told above.

And we are also getting great results just from this one tactic.

If you have any doubt on this or, anything else (regarding digital marketing), you can ask me directly using our contact us form.

3. Create a Content Strategy for Each Social Media Accounts:

Although I have mentioned the importance for tailoring the contents for each social media account, here I just want to give it a deeper focus.

Below are the most popular social media (and their content types) that marketers use on daily basis:

  • Facebook (2-3 Updates a Day): Text + Image + Video + Live.
  • Twitter (5-6 Updates a Day): Text + Image + Short Video.
  • YouTube (1 Video a Day): Video with Text Links and Description.
  • Pinterest (1-2 Updates a Day): Images + Infographics.
  • Instagram (2-3 Updates a Day): Image + Video + Live.
  • Google+ (1-2 Updates a Day): Text + Image

The list above is indicative only and it varies largely from business to business.

So you need to find out the best practices for each of the social media account to give your business a steady growth.

4. Master the Art of Content Mixing:

None wants to be bore anyway.

So not your target audience, too.

That is why you need to master the art of content mixing while crafting a successful blog foundation that is ready to stand out from the crowd of social media.

There are multiple ways you can start mixing your social media contents.

Some of are given below:

Demographic Mixing:

You should know your audience very well.

You should collect as much as data about them as you can.

And you need to share the mixed content across the social media accordingly.

For example, if 80% of your target audience live in USA, and 20% of them live in other countries, you should share at least 85% of your social posts targeting the USA people and only 15% for the country people.

Gender Mixing:

Just like the demographic mixing, you should tailor your social media contents in accordance with the gender of your target group of people.

This also help in getting better ROI from ad campaigns.

Same rule applies here.

Share contents for women more if your most your target audience are females.

Age Mixing:

When creating a social media strategy, you should not overlook the age of your potential clients.

For example, you should not share posts about senior toothbrush if most of your target audience are new couples.

There are lots of more factors that you should take account while creating a social media content strategy.

Apart from this, you should be consistent with content types like photos, videos, lives, etc.

For example, you can schedule a Live Video or, a QA Session on every Friday or, even you can start sharing behind the curt photos of your team mates on every Saturday.

You got the idea.

5. Create Your Own Tribe:

This one is probably the most common advice you have heard from the “Gurus”.

And they are right.

Become no matter how you plan to drive traffic to your blog, if you fail to make your own tribe, you are always at risk.

Know why?

Because search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc often change their search algorithms to deliver the best possible results to their users for a given search quiry.

And sometimes the changes become massive – means they can destroy your traffic base overnight.

The same is also true for social media.

So to keep your traffic (and income) consistent, you must build your own tribe.

Some popular methods of building your own tribe include:

  • E-Mail List Building
  • Facebook Group Building
  • Instagram Followers Building
  • Growing YouTube Subscribers, etc.

High Performance Digital Marketers Facebook Group Join Banner (Resized)

Therefore I strongly suggest you to focus on building your own tribe right from the very first day of starting your blog.

6. Learn to Schedule Contents:

Finally, to get most out of your social media marketing efforts, you should learn to schedule contents well in advance.

It will help you to be on the top of your content sharing plan.

Successful Blog Foundation Guide 3 Image 1

Did you know, there are some specific days and times (varies with the nature of social media) that are tested to be the best to share anything new on social media for your blog.

If you learn to schedule your social media contents properly, you will be enjoying a massive growth of your blog.

There are lots of tools like Tailwind (for Pinterest & Instagram) to help you to do this.

Useful Resources:


In this article, I have shared some fully actionable and easy to implement strategies for a successful blog foundation that is ready to rock with the new-age social media marketing.

This post is the third one of a four part successful blog foundation series.


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See you in the next post.

Let’s blog ethically.

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