[4th Part] Successful Blog Foundation: Step-by-Step Guide to Make it Right

In this 4th and final post of our Successful Blog Foundation Series, I have discussed about how to make your blog financially right from very first day of your blogging journey.

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If you are a full-time blogger (or, a professional blogger) like me, you should make your blog ready to earn a decent amount of money consistently, month after month.


But it harder to do than to say.

However, it is completely possible as long as you have all the money making strategies in place.

In other words, your bottom-line plays a super-vital role to judge if your blog is successful or, not.

So let me share some essential tips with you for a successful blog foundation that is financial right.

1. Set Your Goals Right:

Goal setting is the first step for getting any kind of success.

There is an age-old saying:

The message is very clear.

You have to set a goal first and work around it until it is achieved.

However, you cannot set just anything as your goal.

Doing so will surely bring frustration for you.

So make sure you always set some SMART Goals for being successful in blogging.

For example, you may set a goal of making $1000/month from your blog (using Google AdSense) within 8th month of starting your blog while getting 25,000/Month visitors on it.

So take action and set (write down) your goal(s) today.

2. Cultivate a Hustler’s Mindset Inside You:

Once you set a goal for making your blog a successful one, you need to work smartly every day.

Only this will bring result and nothing else will.

No matter what, you should not stop working towards your goal.

However, you may change the way of your working as many times as you want, but NEVER change your goals.


The Master has FailedSource: TrendyCovers.Com

So, never give up regardless how many times you face the failure.

To be successful in blogging or, anything worth to be successful in, you must setup a hustlers mindset inside you.

3. Master 2-3 Best Monetization Methods:

The next step is to train yourself properly.

While there are multiple ways to make money from your blog, you just need to master 2 or, 3 of them.

In fact, some marketing masters recommend to master just one monetization method that makes you most comfortable from inside.

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But you have to pick your monitization method very carefully.

For example, Google AdSense might be a wonderful way for you to make money from your blog if your blog is based on travel, health, self-improvement, etc. niches.

However, most successful internet marketers found their success with Affiliate Marketing.

And all of those are for good reason.

That is exactly why, you should pay a special attention while choosing the appropriate monetization method for your blog.

No matter, which method you choose to make money from your blog, you must look for some recurring income streams that will pay you well, even in the “down-days”

4. Generate Leads and Nurture Them:

Do you want to make a sustainable business right from your blog?

Then you must try to generate leads and keep nurturing them properly.

While there are multiple kinds of lead generation techniques and tactics working well in the digital marketing domain, we will be stick to the one that is most effective for bloggers yet most beginner friendly.

You guessed right.

I am talking about E-Mail Lead Generation.


Checkout this 10-Point Eye-Opening Stat for E-Mail Marketing right away.

Hope your doubts have been cleared now.

To get started with E-Mail Marketing, I recommend you to Sign-up with AWeber (30-Days FREE Trial).

5. Manage Your Finances Well:

Since you are going to treat your blog as a business, you must manage your finances well.

This will help you most to keep your blogging business profitable.

For the absolute beginners, a simple Google Sheet with just Date, Credit, Debit, Description and Balance columns will be sufficient.

Source: Winlongterm

But you need to update that sheet regularly for each and every transaction with proper description and date.

I repeat.

You must record each and every transaction on your accounts sheet.

Also, you must backup your data regularly for additional data protection.

6. Invest (and Re-Invest) in Right Opportunities at Right Time:

Once you start making a few extra bucks from your blog, you should think about investing and re-investing your money in right opportunities at right time.


And probably the 2nd best way (after earning) to grow your blog financially, is to invest and re-invest your money properly.

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For example, if you are consistently making a few $1000 extra a month, you can re-invest that extra money in a few better tools or, to hire an experienced content writer to write high quality contents for your blog consistently.

Again, you can invest the rest of money (if any) to start your next venture or, simply in a good stock followed by a long term holding plan.

Useful Resources:


In this article, I have shared some fully actionable and easy to implement strategies for a successful blog foundation that is ready to to become a successful business in future.

This post is the last one of a four part successful blog foundation series.


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Subhabrata Kasyapi

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